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Level Pro Expert Advisor Review

Level Pro EA is a robot that was created in March 2020 by Russian developer Elena Sokolova. It is not the first time that Elena Sokolova has created an automated trading system, in the market MQL has some other EA available.

This system has developed over the past 6 years, in which the author has done an enormous amount of work and evidence. Level Pro EA trades on most currency pairs, and the best-performing time frame in backtests is M15. To select the appropriate currency pairs the user will have to try to see which one gives the best result.


Level Pro EA is a night scalper, trading in a quiet night market and in settings of very little volatility. For each currency pair, your own loss stops and make profits are set automatically. What you have to do is set up your broker’s GMT and set up the right time zone.

The maximum propagation function is integrated into each currency pair and is determined automatically. Level Pro EA adapts to current market conditions, allowing you to trade efficiently in a volatile market.

Only 10 expert consultants will be sold. Afterward, the consultant will be removed from the market for the strategy to continue working. The fewer people who use it, the longer it’ll work. We must bear in mind that in the Forex market past profitability cannot guarantee us the same future profitability.

Main settings for Level Pro EA:

  • Lot-if lot 0, then the EA will calculate the lot from the parameter of risk
  • Risk enabled if batch = 0
  • Hide sl tp – hide the loss of stop and profit from broker
  • Gmt offset-time change of your broker

In short, we are talking about a robot that bases its operation on night trading where the volatility of the markets is low, although the author tells us that she is also able to obtain good results in volatile markets.

Whenever we use these types of robots, it is advisable to use a dedicated virtual server (VPS), to ensure that the transactions made by the robot are not lost, otherwise if you do not have this tool you will have to leave your computer on 24/7.

Another important recommendation when working with Eas is the desirability of having an ECN account in a reliable broker with low latency, to ensure that our transactions are executed as quickly as possible.

Due to the fact that this tool has been on the market for a very short time, there are no opinions or criticisms from users who have already tested the EA to give us their impressions. Therefore, we recommend downloading the free demo version in order to get to know the robot’s performance better and to find out the profitability that it can provide before making a purchase decision, which in the case of this robot is a very important investment.

Level Pro EA is for sale on the MQL market at a price of 1987 USD, and there is also a one-year rental version of use at 634 USD. Remember that there are only 10 licenses for sale and once sold the robot will be withdrawn from sale.


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