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Two Lines Indicator Tester Review

Two Lines Indicator Tester is an indicator tester created in March 2020 by Australian developer Alberto Castellucchio. This EA is for technical analysis traders only. If you focus on indicators for confirmations or signals, you will also find this indicator tester useful.

Many indicators make you lose technical strategies. Big indicators make money if you optimize it properly. The problem will be solved here, with Two Lines Indicator Tester. Testing your indicators in a reliable and consistent way is the cornerstone of a solid technical strategy. There are more than five thousand indicators in the MQL market alone, and it is impossible to know which one will be profitable for you.


This tool has been created to perform your backtest results fast, reliable, and consistent so you can choose the best indicators in minutes not days. The developer used it to select 20 of the most reliable indicators and create their trend and says it works great.

What is a two-line indicator? As you may have imagined by now, a two-line indicator is an indicator that draws two lines. A pair of slow and fast-moving stocks can be considered a two-line indicator. A signal is given each time the lines cross and close in the opposite direction.

This tool is the first part of a series of 3 testers:

• Zero-Crossing Indicator Tester (to be published soon)
• Two lines of
• Line crossing price indicator tester (to be published soon)

What this tester does for you:

– Test and optimize indicators in very few minutes, not hours.

– Make your test results as reliable and consistent as possible. This is very important.

– Can be applied to any instrument, including Forex, Metals, Oil, Indices, Commodities, Bitcoin, and Shares.

– Money management. It is advisable to establish your SL and TP according to ATR for better risk management.

– Scale the winning positions and let your winners run using a delay SL for managing perfect operations (optional).

– Use any automatically calculated risk percentage to match your SL for perfect batch size and money management.

– Optimize and Test any indicator with up to 6 parameters including a “text” parameter.

What you can get with the “Two-Line Indicator Tester”

– Instant access to user training material for those starting with MT4 and indicator testing.

– A list of 1500 free indicators available in already sorted by sections (Two lines, Zero, Price crossing) so that you can immediately start testing immediately (this is another massive time saving).

– An Excel sheet to test your indicators in an organized way.

Limitations of the EA:

– You can test indicators with up to 8 numerical inputs
– You will be able to test the indicators with a maximum of one input string.
– As the EA has been created to be used to return to the test rental or demo will not be available

This is your chance to create your strategy based on hard data and solid technical analysis. Fast and reliable.

In short, we are not talking about an EA, but about a tester of indicators, which in a short time can help us to choose the combination of 2 indicators that give us reliable and cost-effective signals. One of the biggest improvements to this tool is the time savings it can provide, given its huge database and its functionality.

We have the option of being able to test it for free in its demo version and thus make the necessary checks to know if this tool can be useful or not to create your own strategies.
As a newly created tool, there are for the moment no user opinions that can give their testimony about the usefulness of this product.

If once tested this tool is of interest to you, you can buy it on the MQL market at the price of 170 USD. It is not currently available for rent.


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