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Trend Tracker Calculation-Based Indicator Review

Trend Tracker can be found within the MQL5 marketplace. It was first uploaded on the 7th of April 2016 by its creator Adnan Iqbal, it received a number of updates, the most recent updates were on the 30th of January 2017 and this brought the indicator up to version 1.5.


Trend Tracker is an indicator designed for the MetaTrader 4 platform. Its purpose is to use mathematical calculations based on Bollinger, Heiken Ashi, and ATR in order to identify trained with the markets. 


Some of the main features of the indicator:

  • It comprises two trend lines: Trend Tracker and Swing. Traders can adopt multiple strategies due to the combination of these Trend Lines for Entry Point and Exit Point.
  • Flexible Tool can be used for any Time Frame. Good success ratios for higher Time Frames from M15 onwards.
  • Combination of Trend Tracker and Swing in the same direction provides the ability to skip whipsaws, choppy market, and market noise most of the time.
  • It includes statistics, traders can adopt strategy as per statistics to set Take Profit and Stop Loss.
  • It does not repaint
  • It does not back paint
  • It does not recalculate

There are also a number of parameters that can be altered, these include the Bollinger Band periods, the Heiken Ashi periods, the ATR periods, whether to display stats, email alerts, sound alerts, and more.

Service Cost

The indicator can be purchased for $79, this will get you no restrictions apart from the maximum of 5 activations. There is also the option to rent it, this can be done monthly which will cost $56 per month. A free demo version is available to use with the strategy tester within the T4 platform.


There are 11 user reviews available giving it an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5.

“After purchasing and installing it today, after 4 hours I was able to earn what I paid for it. This is an awesome Indicator! a must for everyone! More pips to come with this indicator! Thank you for the author!” – A 5-star review.

“In practice, this indicator is not useful. It is absolutely not informative. I regret their purchase, a waste of money…” – A 1-star review.

“So Far Nice start, got good signals at its breakout strategy for GBPUSD, USDJPY and XAUUSD. Using on H1 TF. Still evaluating and will update. Time to update: Using this indicator since April, Trading fantastic, especially if we use statistics for Profit and SL. I recommend to include statistics in PUSH and Email Notifications.“ – A 5-star review.

So the reviews are generally very positive with just the one negative available, the developer has also been very active in the comments replying to most very promptly. There has not been a comment in 2020 yet so we would suggest contacting the creator with your questions to ensure that it is still being actively supported.


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