Top 5 Tools to Market Your DeFi Project

When bitcoins first broke into the finance segment, the world associated pseudo-anonymity with criminal activities. The negative perception caused initial distrust from governments, and major advertising platforms like Facebook and Google Adwords banned the advertising of cryptocurrencies.

Marketing DeFi projects on Facebook’s ad manager or Google Adwords is out of the picture, as these two domineering advertising platforms distance themselves from blockchain assets. In this Mega Big Data era where digital marketing is superlative, innovators face a stiff bottleneck launching and growing their projects.


Interestingly, Facebook and Google allow you to market organically via social media posting and fan engagement. Google also empowers you in gaining significant visibility via high-quality content publishing and SEO.

However, the digital space is bigger than paid-advertising platforms. DeFi startups must leverage every marketing tool available to them, and the insightful application of relevant market data is paramount.

In this article, let’s take marketing tools to mean techniques and SaaS products creating positive brand awareness. We are looking at those that help in coordinating and organizing outreach efforts. The following are the top five tools for marketing your DeFi project.  

WordPress for Blogging

WordPress is one of the most popular publishing SAAS tools in the marketing world. This content management system allows you to create landing pages, educational posts, and lead-capture forms.

The world’s population is vastly ignorant of DeFi products and the benefits of the digital ecosystem. Such ignorance remains the biggest challenge to DeFi startups, and mass education on DeFi could be the secret to making your project successful.

Websites are useful for making educational and commercial advances in popularizing crypto products. WordPress is conducive because it is open-source, free, and offers empowering publishing features. It eliminates the need for writing any code, and savvy web designers can go into development without incurring extra costs.

By taking advantage of WordPress, you can blog about your DeFi project and highlights its use-case benefits to potential consumers and investors. You can also integrate it with eCommerce tools to sell your products onsite.

YouTube for Visual Influence

YouTube yields the same dynamic effect that storefront displays have on shoppers. It can lead to unplanned consumption or cause unintentional audiences to plan for future purchases. This marketing tool is organic, and you shouldn’t couple it with paid Google Ads, lest you lose your entire Google account.

Post engaging and authoritative videos on your niched-down channel. You can even get popular influencers with a grip on your target market to post for you on their established channels.

This tool, compounded with relevant influencers, delivers visual clarity and trust. YouTube vlogging immerses potential clients into the details of your DeFi project, and reviews offer the most effective results. Therefore, targets understand your offers, helping to reduce resistance caused by suspicion and ignorance.

Partner with popular crypto YouTube vloggers to earn trust and capture relevant attention for your DeFi project.

MailChimp for Email Marketing

This email marketing tool is popular among B2B establishments, and it presents significant marketing benefits. MailChimp serves over 12 million customers, which makes its industry-specific access to data vast.

You can gradually collect and segment an email list and send over 12,000 monthly emails for free. You only need to pay if you grow your prospects list to more than 2,000 subscribers.

You don’t have much to lose relying on MailChimp, which grows your project for free until you can afford to pay. Take one step at a time, and develop a community of enthusiastic subscribers.

Facebook-Telegram Funnels for Group Mobilization

Facebook and Telegram are reliable for engaging savvy and novice leads. Facebook offers a relevant audience, and you can find ways to direct them to Telegram groups.

Community building helps collect like minds in groups for coordinated conversion. Creating Facebook groups for crypto discussions, and you should create social media groups for your DeFi project.

The great thing about Facebook-Telegram funnels is that group members generate their content via casual debates. You don’t have to write lots of direct-response; savvy members often answer questions from novice ones.

Group members also invite friends and family who are likely to enjoy particular discussions. Therefore, you can amass a cult-like following that’s likely to market your DeFi project with impressive firepower.

Find a way to attract significant crypto influencers to your groups.

Etherscan for Blockchain Browsing

Facebook and Google are robust ad platforms because of their vast audiences. However, their ad traffic is out of bounds for you because they are against blockchain marketing.

Etherscan is a few of many blockchain-based browsing platforms with quality traffic. Most users appreciate crypto security and DeFi benefits. Therefore, you stand better chances at generating quality leads on this platform than regular browsers.

Posting banner campaigns on Etherscan is straightforward, and you can adjust audience preferences to suit regions, timeframes. It also empowers DeFi startups with detailed, fraud-resistant ad analytics, and you can trust the reported marketing results.

Etherscan is fraud-resistant because it validates transactions via blockchain technology. It exists as an independent entity, and its transactions rely on smart contracts for execution.

Best of all, this marketing tool is free to use, and it doesn’t require users to register for access to premium features.

Parting Shot

DeFi projects are cropping up every day, but the market is still pretty ignorant about DeFi benefits. The crypto space faces uncertainty and negative public perception, which is fast eroding. People are increasingly embracing DeFi projects that they understand, and the trend is making it easier to launch innovative solutions.

The best way to market any DeFi project is to support the mass education of folks. These technologies offer valuable utility, and people just need to know the benefits. Therefore, make sure the target audience gets educated through your marketing efforts.

You have a wide range of tools at your disposal for marketing your DeFi project. Don’t try bypassing rules on Google or Facebook because you don’t want to lose such vast prospecting networks. Take advantage of the tools we’ve just listed, and combine them for the most effective results.

Let us know about your previous experiences marketing your DeFi projects, and share this article with friends looking to grow their DeFi startups.



By Edith M.

Edith is an investment writer, trader, and personal finance coach specializing in investments advice around the fintech niche. Her fields of expertise include stocks, commodities, forex, indices, bonds, and cryptocurrency investments.

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