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SFE Breakout Expert Advisor Review

The system seeks to break through and take advantage of the short-term trend. We work mainly in the New York session when we usually decide the trend of the day. The EA has a high expectation of pips by trade so that it can be profitable on any type of broker or account. It can be used with large accounts because operations are taken in the hours of more liquidity.


This EA is very easy to configure and can be used with the default settings. Only the parameters related to the broker’s GMT (timetable) and the size of the orders should be checked. The EA should be attached in a graph M5. It is recommended to use the EURUSD chart, which is a currency pair with which this robot works best.


If symbol names are not standard on your broker platform, you must update the names in the “Symbol List” parameter. The EA is very undemanding in demand for internet resources; therefore, it can be used with other AE. The symbols must be checked, as we said, in the M5 time frame.

Broker Parameters

-GMT broker. Enter your broker’s GMT compensation in the winter period (no DST).

-If the broker applies DST. Enter ‘yes’ if your broker changes the GMT offset, in the DST period.

Parameters of Order Size

-Fixed order size. Batch order size. Used if the parameter ‘Balance for every 0.01 Batches’ is zero.

-Auto lot. Balance for every 0.01 Lots. If you set here a value > 0, for example, 1000, the trade size will be 0.01 lots for every 1000 free margin.

-Auto lot. Percentage of balance to consider. Define the portion of the balance of your account to be allocated.

-Auto lot. Min. Virtual balance. Balance used if below this value.

Parameters of Selected Pairs

-Symbol list. The list of pairs to trade. You must use the semicolon (;) character to separate the selected pairs.

Other Parameters

-Gold Multiplier. Multiplier applied to the size of gold operations.

-EUR/USD multiplier. Multiplier applied to the size of EURUSD operations.

-Comment Order. Set the value of the command comment.

This is an EA that has demonstrated positive profitability. Created in 2019, last year achieved a 19.72% profitability, and in the 3 months, we have this year 2020 already accumulates a 13.72% profitability. These are real data taken from an account shown in MQL. The price of this EA is 800 USD, although it can be rented for 40 USD per month.


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