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REV Trader Pro FX Trading System Review


REV Trader Pro is an automated trading robot that was created by money manager and trading system developer Doug Price. The product works with the MetaTrader 4 trading platform.


REV Trader Pro is an automated system that uses trend reversal technology while avoiding false trading signals. It detects potential market reversals with high accuracy, according to the developer. Loss-prevention settings reduce losses from broker commission, spread, and slippage. The bot comes with default settings that have been adjusted to offer superior performance, although traders can change several settings if they prefer to. Traders can also set a certain percentage for the risk factor they would like to take on each trade. The system works with any type of broker (STP, NDD, etc.) on the H1 timeframe with the major pairs AUDUSD, GBPUSD, EURUSD, and NZDUSD. Alert popups and email notifications can be enabled for important updates as well.

Service Cost

This trading system was previously offered to wealthy clients and has supposedly experienced a price drop. Unfortunately, the developer does not list the exact price on the website, however, online reviews mention that traders have paid around $650 to $750 for the system. This does come with a lifetime license, a 60-day money-back guarantee, free updates and strategy improvements, and 24-hour access to Skype and/or email support with the developer.


Rev Trader Pro is marketed in the $650+ range, meaning that the software is only acquirable for traders that have a good amount to invest. Of course, traders will need to know that the product will turn a profit and eventually pay for itself. The website claims that the software is used by wealthy clients with more than $10 million dollars, but it is important to look at user reviews as well. Here is one helpful review we found online:

“Doug helped me with all the questions I had on this robot within 24 hours, so I consider his customer service as excellent. When I told him the REV trader PRO was not made for me, he refunded my money without any delay and hassle.”

While this review was written by an individual that speaks about the developer’s positive customer service, most of the product information is posted on other review websites. REV Trader Pro has earned a rating of around 3 to 4 stars in general– however, many have recommended avoiding the product because of the $700 price tag and “horrible” performance. With everything in mind, we would recommend trying out the free trial before making the purchase. Do keep in mind that there are some helpful risk management settings, but traders should purchase this EA with caution. Otherwise, you’ll lose a steep amount with this iffy investment.

REV Trader Pro can be found at the following web address: https://www.revtraderpro.com


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