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PZ Lopez Trend Indicator Review

PZ Lopez Trend is an indicator that was created in December 2013 by developer Arturo López Pérez. Arturo López Pérez is a private investor and speculator, software engineer, and founder of Point Zero Trading Solutions. This creator has developed for the MQL market several trading tools, both paid and free.

This indicator follows the market trend fairly reliably, ignoring sudden fluctuations and market noise. It has been designed to trade trends in smaller intraday strategies and time frames (M1, M5, M15, and M30). His profit ratio is about 85%.

Main Features of the PZ Lopez Trend Indicator
  • It’s an incredibly easy tool to negotiate.
  • Its basic principle is to find situations of oversold or oversold.
  • It is prepared for noise-free trade at all times.
  • Avoid being whipped in intraday letters.
  • The indicator analyses its own quality and performance.
  • Implements a dashboard of several times.

The indicator is suitable for low-term trading, as it ignores sudden price increases or corrections by reducing market noise around an average price. The indicator does not need any optimization, as it is already optimized after multiple upgrades. It implements a multi-time dashboard. Implement email alerts – sound – push. The indicator is no painting and no repainting.

This indicator implements a trend tracking orientation suitable for small time frames that can penetrate very long trends in higher time frames, amplifying their gains.

Anatomy of PZ Lopez Trend indicator

This indicator shows a color line surrounded by a price band. The color line is the average price of security, and the price band represents the levels of oversold and oversold. If the average price is blue you should be looking for long trades (buyers) when the market is not overbought, and if the average price is red, you should be looking for short trades (sellers) when the market is not oversold.

A change in trend in the indicator is not a signal to negotiate or close opposing transactions immediately. The bands are used for this, for synchronization.

Technical Information:

  • The indicator evaluates each bar, not each tick.
  • The indicator has only one dropdown parameter with four possible values.
  • Implement visual, audio, email, and push alerts.

In short, we are talking about an EA that works by looking for trends, but with filters to avoid market noise and sudden price fluctuations. It works on all time frames, although its behavior is better in intraday operating time frames.

We have detected that the robot does not have good ratings from the users, so we cannot recommend this EA, due to this and the lack of a little more detailed information about the robot.

This robot is for sale on the MQL market at a price of 149 USD. You can also rent 1 month for 49 USD and 3 months for 99 USD. It is advisable to download the demo version available for free in order to know the behavior of this EA better and to be able to make a purchase decision or not.


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