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Must Follow Facebook Pages for Forex Traders

If we asked you to guess the most popular social media platform in the United States, what would you say? The unsurprising answer is Facebook, which ranks in the number one spot, followed by Instagram and YouTube. In several other countries, the popularity of Facebook can be exceeded by other platforms, but it usually finds itself in one of the top three spots with more than 2.7 billion users to date. The platform manages to attract different kinds of people from across the world, both young and old. In fact, most of us already have an active Facebook account. If you don’t, it only takes a few minutes to sign up for one and you will likely find that many of your family members and colleagues already have an account. 

Just like with many other popular social media platforms, you can find many different kinds of pages, businesses, and influencer pages on Facebook. Professional forex traders and pages are no exception. If you actively trade forex, you should definitely follow these top trading pages to get the best trading information delivered straight to your newsfeed:

600x600 is an education-based Facebook page that shares helpful trading information related to quotes and charts with the goal of helping new forex traders to achieve profitability. If you’re looking for a highly active page to follow with multiple posts per day, this is a great option. The page has attracted more than 32,000 followers and contains links to a website, along with an email address where traders can reach the page’s creator Steve Burnson. If you haven’t heard of him, you should know that he is also the founder of and has an active Twitter account. 

Harvard Business Review

You don’t have to attend Harvard (or even take a college course at all) to benefit from following the Harvard Business Review Facebook page. While the page isn’t completely dedicated to forex traders, it does host a lot of information and ideas related to business and economic factors that can affect forex traders worldwide. Some articles that are shared can also benefit traders, for example, the page recently posted an article that explains how to stay focused when working from home, which is a common issue for many traders. This is one of the most popular pages listed in our article, with more than 5 million followers and multiple posts each day. 

MT5 Forum

MT5, short for MetaTrader 5, is one of the most popular trading platforms in the world and is offered as a primary platform by a large number of brokers. The MT5 Forum Facebook page doesn’t only focus on the trading platform, however, as it serves as more of an educational page that posts news articles, hot topics, economic data, and forex humor posts that can serve every kind of trader. 

Warrior Trading

The Warrior Trading Facebook page is followed by more than 175k people who communicate in comments on various posts made daily by the creator. The page is linked to a website that offers paid courses to forex traders; however, you can view lengthy videos directly from the Facebook page for free! Topics focus on education, with an emphasis on profitable strategies and morning shows. This is another page you can quickly follow if you’re looking to add more forex content to your daily news feed.


More than 31,000 current and aspiring traders are currently following the TradeCiety Facebook page, which was created to entertain and engage traders by providing information related to trading forex and futures. When we glanced over the page, we found an average of one interesting post per day with recent topics focusing on reward risk ratio, webinar opportunities, making small steps to become a better trader, and so much more. Even though there aren’t a large number of posts per day, this page still posts informative information and could help traders learn something new whenever they are scrolling through Facebook out of boredom. 


Stocktwits typically posts two or three times daily on their Facebook page, along with offering their own app by the same name with even more content. The page was created for traders and investors to share ideas with one another and often shares both funny and informational videos about trading, articles, and other resources that can help traders make smart investment decisions. 

Trading Legends

Trading Legends Facebook page currently has about 23k followers and is known for posting inspirational trading quotes from top traders like George Soros and Martin Schwartz, trading rules, event discussions, and educational videos. The page is fairly active and offers traders a friendly place to communicate with zero tolerance for bullying. The controlled environment creates a great space for beginners to ask questions and get advice with no judgment from their more experienced counterparts. 


The TradingwithRayner Facebook page was created to share new price action trading techniques and strategies with traders. The creator’s main goal is to educate others on these matters in order to save them from learning hard lessons that result in a loss of funds. With more than 17k likes and at least a few posts per day, this is a moderately active Facebook page that shares interesting ideas and informational articles that can help to improve profits for every kind of trader.


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