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The Seven Deadly Sins of the Forex Trader

Most of us have heard of the biblical seven deadly sins, but few know about the seven deadly sins of Forex. Part of achieving success is knowing what not to do, and these “sins” work to help you understand and avoid potential problems. Without further adieu, let’s get into it!


Wow! What a great trading session! There is no one to stop me! Tomorrow I will double my profits! 

Little grasshopper, you’ve had a good day, and yes, you got your positions right, enjoy your joy in moderation, and share with others the reason for those entries, and be aware that tomorrow that euphoria may cloud your vision today. Remember also that the one who calls himself a donkey and who today is crying out, perhaps it will be the genius tomorrow and you will be the one crying out.


I’ve achieved my goals, and this looks like it’s going to turn, but there’s another target up there pending, so I’m going to continue with all my positions without partial withdrawal because I’ll gain a lot more.

Small grasshopper, already assures part of your profits, reduces risk situation and leverage, in this way, perhaps you will find opportunity in another market that you can take advantage of.


Well, I’ve already won a TrADE today, and although this one I’m looking at now is very clear, I’m going to stOP. tomorrow will be another day.

Little grasshopper, if this new operation is clear, do it! And do it now!, do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today, but not simply by following the proverbs, but because tomorrow may not present you any clear opportunity in the market, And maybe you’ll force an entry of dubious signal, causing you losses in the end.


Today I will catch all of the price movements. Not one will escape me! Today I will recover everything that I’VE lost RECENTLY.

Little grasshopper, that’s called overtrading. It’s not advisable, you’re gonna get obfuscated. You’re gonna spiral into wanting to put a pulse on the market, and this one’s a lot stronger than you.


Wow! Look at this guy with the big profits. It’s just dumb luck. He has no real idea of how to trade Forex. 

Little grasshopper, congratulate him and share his joy, get in touch with him, maybe there’s something he can teach you. Keep in mind that trading is not only about skills but also about attitudes.


look how good that XD directive is! Go all out! I would hit with it XD. Wow, look how good that XD support is! Go all out! I would hit with it XD. (This is a joke, By THE WAY!)

More seriously, after a good run, your worst enemies will be overconfidence and self-confidence that can be lethal in trading, as well as excessive leverage. Minimal risk control and uncontrolled GM management can lead to failure.


they’ll be cursed! They’ve got me going in all directions. I don’t know where to turn any more! And look how stupid they all are, everyone buying! Do you not see that this has to fall?

Little grasshopper, don’t fight the market, the market must be your friend, listen to him, understand him and everything will go smoothly, be receptive, get in tune with him, and don’t get angry. It won’t lead to anything positive, you’ll only aggravate your lack of control. Enjoy trading. And don’t marry any position, after all, they don’t want you forever either.


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