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Multi-Strategy Fury Expert Advisor Review


Multistrategy Fury EA is a robot created in February 2020 by EA developer Mikhail Kornilov. Multistrategy Fury is a fully automated trading robot consisting of several strategies that are optimized for trading in EURUSD. The EA does not use any dangerous strategy and does not need optimization.


The list of strategies included:

Strategy to Combat Trends: The trades of this strategy are open in the opposite direction of the trend in the formation of the signal at the end of the trend. It uses dynamic take profits and at some point averages by 2-3 orders without increasing lot trading.

Night Strategy: Operations are open within the channel in the Asian session. There are no time restrictions for closing operations. You need to configure your broker’s GMT offset for this strategy properly.

Intraday Scalping Strategy: The classic strategy of scalping in rollbacks in the direction of the trend. It has a small gain take and a large fixed stop loss.

Breakdown of the Consolidation Channel: Operations are opened after the break of the previously formed consolidation channel. The fixed stop loss and the final stop are used for this strategy.

Advantages of this EA:

  • He doesn’t use danger strategies like Martingale.
  • You can start with a small deposit.
  • No need for optimization.
  • High stability thanks to the perfect diversification by several independent strategies.

Trade Requirements:

  • Minimum deposit: 50 USD.
  • Account type: any (ECN recommended)
  • Negotiating pair: EUR/USD
  • Time Frame: M5

Parameters of the input:

  • Trend reverse – to use the strategy against the trend.
  • Tr magic – the magic number of counter-trend strategy orders.
  • Tr order comment – the commentary of counter-trend strategy orders.
  • Nightflat – to use the strategy of the night.
  • Nfumagic – the magic number of night strategy orders.
  • Nf order comment – the comment of night strategy orders.
  • Intradayscalper – to use the strategy of plucking the intraday scalp.
  • Is magic – the magic number of commands that the robot uses in intraday scalping.
  • Order comment – add a comment on your orders of intraday scalping strategy.
  • Consolidationbreak – strategy of breaking down the consolidation channel.
  • Cb magic – commands that the strategy uses in breaking a consolidation channel.
  • Cb order comment – strategy of rupture of the channel of consolidation.
  • Lots – the fixed lot size.
  • Risk – the dynamic batch size depends on the tank.
  • Fix lots – to use fixed batch.
  • Max spread – maximum diffusion in the opening of purchasing positions.
  • Start hour – time to start trading for night strategy.
  • End hour – end of trading time for night strategy.
  • GMT – Broker GMT Compensation.

Service Cost

The EA is available on the MQL market at a price of 200 USD (Currently there is a promotion for the next 10 buyers with a 75% discount). It can also be rented for 50 USD per month and tested for free in its demo version.


In conclusion, it seems that we are dealing with a robot well thought out by its developer. Although it has been in the market for a short time, there are already positive assessments from users who have already tested this EA. What we like most is that the creator of the EA provides an audited real account where you see performance and profitability. In just 16 days it has already achieved a 7.33% positive return.



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