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Lev Forex EA Review


Lev Ea is an automated system created in March 2020 by the Belarusian developer Ruslan Brezovskiy. Ruslan Brezovskiy is a prolific creator of trading tools, many of which you can find in the MQL market.

Lev is an expert consultant who trades in fully automated trends, which can be used for both scalping and long-term trading. The essence of the strategy is to open operations in the direction of the main trend in pullbacks. The basis for entering the trade are the Bollinger bands and several moving averages that determine the direction of the trend. The exit from trade occurs by Stop Loss/ Take Profit or when EA received a signal about the end of the trend. It can work in several currency pairs and time frames. Optimal settings have already been selected and come default in EA.

Features and benefits of Lev EA:

-Fully automated and requires no additional attention.

-It does not use dangerous or high-risk strategies such as the network and the martingale.

-Dissemination does not affect the consultant’s work.

-Suitable for working with any broker who provides an ECN account and has low latency to ensure that transactions are made in the shortest time possible.

-The recommended minimum deposit is only $100 USD.

-There is a function to automatically calculate the volume based on the size of the tank.

-A simple mechanism to manage risk by changing parameters to calculate the volume and multiplier of the network.

-There is a delay stop-loss function when the price moves in the direction of trade.

To maximize the potential of the advisor, you can configure it in several trading tools at the same time. For stable operation, the use of a VPS or dedicated virtual server is recommended. If this resource is not available you will need to keep your computer on 24/7 to make sure we don’t lose any trade made by EA. The default setting is for EURUSD M5 (5 digits), which is the one that has shown the best results in the tests.

Some Lev EA input parameters are:

Moving average n1 – The number of bars to calculate the fast-moving average – used to open trade.

Moving average n2 – The number of bars to calculate the slow-moving average – used to open trade.

Moving average n3 – The number of bars to calculate the fast-moving average – used to exit the trade.

Moving average 4 – The number of bars to calculate the average slow movement – used to exit the trade.

Bollinger Bands Period – The number of bars to calculate the Bollinger band indicator.

Bollinger Band Deviation – Deviation Rate, used to calculate channel boundaries.

Timeframe – Timeframe used to determine the main trend.

In short, we are talking about a robot that trades in favour of trends, based on moving stockings and Bollinger Bands. There are many EAs that rely on these same indicators so there is strong competition between them.

The developer provides several screenshots showing the profitability that is able to generate this EA. But it will be more advisable for us to download the free trial demo and see for ourselves how the robot works and the benefits it can generate.

Lev EA is for sale on the MQL market at a price of 99 USD, although there is also the possibility of renting it for 33 USD for 1 month of use.


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