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Krimbler Semi-Automated EA Review

Krimbler EA is an Expert Advisor that was added to the mql5 marketplace back in August of 2014. Its author Artem Trosin last updated it to version 1.2 the month after its initial launch.


This semi-automated Expert Advisor (EA) profits from market volatility by detecting divergence and corrections on the MT4 platform. Advanced settings allow traders to find the best configuration for different currencies or timeframes and traders have access to an array of modules that provide the ability to set up a profitable system.


For example, the “Hunter” module detects entry points using 4 different methods, the “Keeper” ensures that trades are not placed too close together, “Guard” limits account drawdown by closing positions or implementing more advanced methods to limit losses, and “Scalper” detects specific candle types and tries to close orders in order to manage profits. There are several others included. Together, these modules work in combination to maximize profitability and to limit overall losses. Traders can use all 8 modules together or pick and choose which to run.

Service Cost

The developer only provides users with the option of buying this product outright for $49.99 USD. Many others offer the ability to rent their indicators at a lower price, but the demo version of this indicator could still be helpful when it comes to testing before buying.

The following minimum deposits are recommended:

  • $1,000 with a 0.01 (micro lot) minimal lot size
  • $10,000 with a 0.1 (mini lot) minimal lot size


This EA works in combination with several handy modules to profit under market volatility. The developer markets this EA more towards experienced traders and explains that the best-intended use would be to allow a reasonable amount of drawdown, primarily using the “Guard” module. Although it has been released since 2014, Krimbler EA has not received any user comments or ratings, making it a risky choice without proven results. We’d suggest taking the author’s advice in this case and only purchasing this product if you have a good bit of experience under your belt and to bear risk-management in mind whenever you’re trading.

This Forex service can be found at the following web address:


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