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KL Account Performance Analyzer Review

The KL Account Performance Analyzer is a piece of software for MetaTrader 4 that can be found on the MQL market. We have provided a link below so you can see exactly which piece of software we are looking at. The software was originally released on the 8th of February 2016, it has had a number of updates and was last updated on the 4th of April 2017 and is currently at version 1.24.


The KL Account Performance Analyzer is designed to be used with the MetaTrader 4 trading platform and is designed to help you estimate the progress of your trading and reading accounts. The indicator is able to calculate values according to order type, instrument name order number, and more.


Some of the main features of this utility:

Progress of the last 30 trades: allows you to assess progress in your current skill.

Win/Loss Ratio: Winning Trades / All Trades = % of Winning Trades.

Profit Factor: Gross Profit / Gross Loss = Your profit against every 1$ of loss.

Rate of return: Calculating according to a period of calculations.

Sharpe Ratio: Efficiency of your trading. As simplification consider Sharpe ratio of 1 or better as good (bronze medal), 2 or better as very good (silver), 3 or better as excellent (gold medal), but ratio exceeding 2 can also indicate risky trading.

All Won: All finally profitable trades, including their commissions and swaps.

Average Order Distance: Calculated in pips, from order open level to order close level.

Average SL Distance: Calculated in pips according to last known SL level, also if SL was moved on BE level or by TS.

Average SL Distance: Calculated in pips according to last known SL level, also if SL was moved on BE level or by TS.

Enter Magic: Calculations according to Order Magic Number, which is assigned to the order by your EA or scripts.

Enter Symbol: Calculations according to the exact instrument name. Full name with symbol suffix if it exists.

Order Type: Calculations according to order type Buy or Sell. Allowed names: buy, Buy, Sell, Sell.

There are also some settings such as colours of profits/losses, positions of Y and X-axis, and more.

Service Cost

This software will cost you $49 to purchase it outright, there are also a number of options for renting it, you can rent it for 1 month which will cost you $15, for 3 months it will cost you $20, for 6 months it will cost you $25 and to rent it for 1 year it will cost you $40. There is also a free demo version available, the free version works on charts with CADCHF, CHFJPY, and USDPLN. History data is calculated only for CADCHF, CHFJPY, and USDPLN. Current calculations of market orders are without limits.


There are 5 reviews available for this software and all of them are giving it 5-stars.

“It’s a great tool, especially if you purchased the 4xLab trade manager, together they give you full control over your trades. Clear, easy to use, like his other tools. Recommended” – a 5-Star review.

“Damn, this indicator has so much potential… A really detailed report, now I can know how my trading is doing!!! and very cheap price!!!” – 5-Star review.

“Great tool for analyzing history!” – 5-star review.

So it seems that the software does what it is supposed to and people are finding it useful, as always though, we would suggest that you test out the free version before buying, that way you will know that you are able to get it working and to see whether it meets your requirements.

This Forex Indicator is currently available in the MQL5 marketplace:


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