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Free Signal Service! Forex Academy Are Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is!

Welcome to our Brand-new Live Signal Table!



In its effort to help traders learn while profiting from the Forex markets, Forex Academy is proud to offer its users our premium Live Signal table at an unbeatable price: 100 percent free!

The fact it is free to all who subscribed to our notification service does not mean ours is a C-quality service. We have a team of top traders who will continuously watch the market to deliver top-quality trade ideas for you. The resulting trades can be monitored live in our signals section, which will show you the current situation of live trades and the total pip count gained or lost by our traders.



Table guide

In the image, we can see the information provided:Date/time shows the Date and time when the trader created the signal. But that does not mean the signal is live. That will depend on the order type of the signal.

We can create several order types. These are shown in the Order Type column.

The different orders are the following:

Spot buy, Spot Sell: these two are market orders. In this case, the signal is live at the moment shown by the Date/Time column.

Buy Stop, Sell Stop: These are pending orders meaning the order is pending until the price reached the stop level. The price on a buy-stop order is placed above the current market level, whereas a Sell-Stop order is placed below the current market price. a Stop order is a usual way to capture a breakout.

Buy Limit, Sell Limit: These are also pending orders.  In this case, a limit order intends to capture an entry at a pullback of the price. That means a buy limit order is usually below the current price, and a sell limit is above the current price.

To recap: If the order is spot, the signal becomes live immediately. If the order is pending, it is, well, pending, and it will be live at the moment the stop or limit condition is fulfilled.


The Asset column tells the information of the currency pair

The Method column will link to the article explaining the trade idea, which will describe the technical details and main levels. We also will include the risk per lot, mini- and micro-lot, so you can adapt the position size to your current trading account balance.

Then the table shows the price entry, stop-loss, and take profit levels. This will completely define the trade.

The R/R  column is the Reward-to-risk ratio. This is a key metric for the long-term profitability of any system, and we like our signals to show ratios higher than one, preferably two or more. However, if the likelihood of the trade is high, we can present R/R of 1.


Price shows the current live price of the assets of the table. Closing Date/time will show the closing time of the trade. If the trade is closed, the price column will display its closing price. If the trade is still open, the field shows nothing.

The Pips column shows the total pips gained or lost.. If lost, the price box is red-colored. On assets with positive pips, the box is green-colored. The figures shown are updated in the current live trades. On closed trades, it shows the final pip count.


The Notifications

Our interested users can subscribe for notifications for free, as said earlier. The members of our subscription list will receive push notifications for the following events:

When a new signal is published

When a pending signal becomes live

When a stop-loss is hit, and the trade is closed

When the take-profit is hit, and the trade is closed

When we manually close the trade


How to subscribe

The subscription is quite simple. You don’t need to supply any information. Just click the notification bell located at the bottom right of the Signals page and you’re done. It will touch you every time there is a novelty in the Signals section, as mentioned earlier.

Do not doubt and subscribe!


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