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Five More YouTube Channels that Forex Traders Should Follow

Previously, we listed some of the best YouTube channels that traders can follow based on content and popularity. Today, we’ll cover 5 more channels that you should follow on the popular platform if you’re looking to set yourself up for the best success in trading, whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced trader. Keep in mind that each channel provides different content and explains things in different ways, so there are several benefits to following multiple creators on the site. Note that the following channels are not provided in any specific order.  

#1: ForexSignalsTV was created by YouTuber Andrew Lockwood with 219K subscribers and more than 70 video uploads. This channel usually uploads about 2 to 7 videos per month, so you can expect to see videos added at a decent rate. Content covers some popular topics, like working from home, videos that are related to the current Coronavirus pandemic, interviews, checklists, and a whole host of other topics. While you might not see new videos being added daily or even weekly, there are enough videos available to binge-watch for some time. 


#2: Top Traders is a polished channel that has attracted close to 100K subscribers thanks to creator Kleveland Bishop’s educational videos. The videos uploaded to this channel are unique because many of them focus on actual trades that the creator or his friends have made, including the outcomes. Traders get more of a first-person view of trading through the series, which is highly useful. Another plus is that the channel uploads content revolving around strategies, the recession, brokers to choose, and other insightful topics. This channel definitely deserves more recognition in the forex community – but you can get ahead of the competition by subscribing. 

#3: Sasha Evdakov: Tradersfly has more than 150K subscribers and is named after its creator, who specializes in the opposite concepts day trading and swing trading. The purpose of the channel is to provide free educational videos that cover a lot of different information. Note that some of these videos can get a bit technical, so beginners may have trouble following along. However, Sasha is constantly adding helpful content to the site and covers a variety of interesting topics, making this channel worthy of checking out. 

#4: The YouTube channel named after Karen Foo offers inspirational videos with the main focus on trading psychology, along with other miscellaneous topics like stocks to buy, passive income ideas, and other money-making tips. Karen Foo doubles as an inspirational speaker, which adds to the overall feeling that traders can accomplish their goals. While this one isn’t as popular, more than 89K people have already started following the channel, which uploads multiple videos every single month. 

#5: TraderNick is last but not least on our list of top YouTube channels that traders should follow. Creator Nick has an educated background as a full-time forex trader and entrepreneur, along with a background in computer science and the know-how when it comes to building trading tools. The videos on this channel cover specific currency pairs and provide a guide on how to trade them, includes interviews where traders discuss how they got into trading and provide tips, and can really provide beginners with a leg up on the competition. The channel currently has more than 119K subscribers and has surpassed the Karen Foo and Top Trader YouTube channels, even though it used to lag behind them in popularity. We highly suggest taking the time to watch some of these videos, just know that you’ll probably get hooked!


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