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Become an Expert on Forex by Watching These Videos

Let’s be honest, becoming a pro takes time, and an irreplaceable experience you cannot have just by watching videos. On the other hand, videos can set you on the right track vastly shortening the time needed to get to the top of the forex game. As we live in the digital age where information exchange is speeding up it also makes things change very fast. There is also a problem of having too much information that does not really matter, or even set you back. Therefore, here are 7 videos that will help you see how deep the rabbit hole truly is. Once you are done you will need some courage to start walking the traders’ way. 

Ray Dalio Principles

The author of one of the best economy pieces “Principles” tells a lot more than just about trading forex. We consider this book to be the base about how the global economy should be looked at, and forex just being a small part of this global capital system. Understanding how things work and the experience of a giant such as Ray Dalio will be a valuable lesson and will change how you perceive the economic world around you. Many videos take the gist out of his book, and we recommend the ones that feature Ray himself as the speaker. YouTube is full of his videos but you can start with the one titled “Principles for Success from Ray Dalio: Founder of the World’s Largest Hedge Fund” posted by Summit group. Of course, this is just one eye-opener for many common folks, and we believe it sets pillars that will hold your mindset as a forex trader

Robert Kiyosaki Lessons

The next video we recommend encompasses what is going right now and intrinsically wrong with the system, and what the majority of people think about money. Forex trading is the money field but you will need to understand the micro-level where individuals, be it traders or restaurant waiters manage their wealth. The video channel from the best-selling author “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” is a great window to jump into the real world that requires lessons not taught by your parents or teachers. The video is also on YouTube and it is fresh, from 2020, titled “8 Most Popular Lessons from Robert Kiyosaki in 2020! – The Rich Dad Channel”. These are just highlights of the basic but important views you need to know as a beginner entrepreneur – forex trader. We are certain that it will inspire you to learn more as the channel holds more secrets for a takeaway than any book you may have read in school. 

Stansberry Research

Time to get serious, with this channel we are diving into what is going on with specific markets. From precious metals, commodities, stocks, real estate, banks, and more, the Stansberry Research channel hosts major smart investors of the world that have a very professional opinion you need to hear out. It is not directly tied to forex, but it is to many forms of capital, including money. Forex is actually currencies we all have but money is just a parking lot for investors, and they do not stay put for long in this form. The flow of capital and money that essentially affects the value of a currency is easy to follow with this channel. But as a beginner forex trader looking to become a pro, we recommend one video from this channel posted long ago under the title “The Most Important Thing Ever Said About Trading” on YouTube. The video is short but explains one of the must-haves every professional trader implements to their trading – cutting losses and letting winners run. 

The No Nonsense Forex Channel

VP is the author and a professional forex trader that has something to say about trading that you cannot find easily. Whatsmore, the value of his work shared to the public is now slowly becoming a must for anyone looking to enter the world of forex. We can say it is almost a one-stop for technical trading guides, psychology, and money management that can transform beginner losers into profit machines. Aside from setting you on the right path of trading, despite a specialized methodology, you will learn how to use your trading knowledge not only for forex but for other things as well. One of the most interesting revelations could be that you do not need to have a lot of money to get to the top. The series is going deeply about how to set up your strategy using a structure to the extent it can be regarded as a free forex trading school program. We are going to recommend a video that is covering where to begin since it is not VP’s first video on his channel, it is titled “Trading Forex For Beginners – The No-Nonsense Forex Way” on YouTube.

The Big Banks

This is the video that started the VP’s channel and it comes next on our list since it is another type of revelation that directly relates to forex trading. The contrarian trading theory and VP’s way is augmented in this video. Most people say it is an eye-opener however, it should motivate you to see what this very different trading strategy has to offer. Some might just consider this a conspiracy but it is really hard to ignore the realistic points presented in this video. Whatever you choose to believe, the information you receive will change the way you look at forex. Be warned though, if you want to follow VP’s way expect a lot of work that has to be done on your side even with all the guidelines. The title of this video is “Best FX Trading Strategies (THE Top Strategy for Forex Trading)” by the No Nonsense forex channel.

Understanding the Forex Industry

If you are a trader then you will have to have a broker to have access to the market. It is essential to understand how they work right? Our next video has an interesting topic, it does not explain the basics about brokerage, but something about the industry no one talks about openly. The video is made by a broker, so one might question the validity, however, it does not take long to realize it is not really a marketing video. It is an interesting criticism of the current industry state featuring one of the biggest brokers in the industry. Be prepared to know one more thing that no one is focusing on and to demask anything a bad broker could try to gain your trust. This video will give you good motivation to start searching for a good brokerage. It is also found on Youtube under the title “A-Book vs B-Book ! How Forex Brokers Make Money” by Global Prime and it has two episodes.

Becoming a Pro Alternative

If you cannot really digest what VP videos teach, try this alternative channel. Inner Circle Trader is somewhat different from VP but it still focuses on the most important things. His videos are not that easy to consume and they are longer. However, ICT is a different type of trader, a scalper strategy that you could also develop in case the VP’s course does not prove to be good for you. If you decide to listen to both you would still need to understand the basics of trading such as how to open trades, general strategies, terminology, and so on. The opener series for the ICT traders on YouTube goes by the title of “ICT W.E.N.T. Series”. 99% of what you learn here will be the groundwork that will stay for life if you continue the journey, or turn you away for good. 

Beginners Forex Education

Five More YouTube Channels that Forex Traders Should Follow

Previously, we listed some of the best YouTube channels that traders can follow based on content and popularity. Today, we’ll cover 5 more channels that you should follow on the popular platform if you’re looking to set yourself up for the best success in trading, whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced trader. Keep in mind that each channel provides different content and explains things in different ways, so there are several benefits to following multiple creators on the site. Note that the following channels are not provided in any specific order.  

#1: ForexSignalsTV was created by YouTuber Andrew Lockwood with 219K subscribers and more than 70 video uploads. This channel usually uploads about 2 to 7 videos per month, so you can expect to see videos added at a decent rate. Content covers some popular topics, like working from home, videos that are related to the current Coronavirus pandemic, interviews, checklists, and a whole host of other topics. While you might not see new videos being added daily or even weekly, there are enough videos available to binge-watch for some time. 

#2: Top Traders is a polished channel that has attracted close to 100K subscribers thanks to creator Kleveland Bishop’s educational videos. The videos uploaded to this channel are unique because many of them focus on actual trades that the creator or his friends have made, including the outcomes. Traders get more of a first-person view of trading through the series, which is highly useful. Another plus is that the channel uploads content revolving around strategies, the recession, brokers to choose, and other insightful topics. This channel definitely deserves more recognition in the forex community – but you can get ahead of the competition by subscribing. 

#3: Sasha Evdakov: Tradersfly has more than 150K subscribers and is named after its creator, who specializes in the opposite concepts day trading and swing trading. The purpose of the channel is to provide free educational videos that cover a lot of different information. Note that some of these videos can get a bit technical, so beginners may have trouble following along. However, Sasha is constantly adding helpful content to the site and covers a variety of interesting topics, making this channel worthy of checking out. 

#4: The YouTube channel named after Karen Foo offers inspirational videos with the main focus on trading psychology, along with other miscellaneous topics like stocks to buy, passive income ideas, and other money-making tips. Karen Foo doubles as an inspirational speaker, which adds to the overall feeling that traders can accomplish their goals. While this one isn’t as popular, more than 89K people have already started following the channel, which uploads multiple videos every single month. 

#5: TraderNick is last but not least on our list of top YouTube channels that traders should follow. Creator Nick has an educated background as a full-time forex trader and entrepreneur, along with a background in computer science and the know-how when it comes to building trading tools. The videos on this channel cover specific currency pairs and provide a guide on how to trade them, includes interviews where traders discuss how they got into trading and provide tips, and can really provide beginners with a leg up on the competition. The channel currently has more than 119K subscribers and has surpassed the Karen Foo and Top Trader YouTube channels, even though it used to lag behind them in popularity. We highly suggest taking the time to watch some of these videos, just know that you’ll probably get hooked!