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Daily Update: XRP Falling down, Bitcoin in Negative Again, Cryptocurrencies Follow Bitcoin Downwards

Daily update: XRP falling down, Bitcoin in the negative, Cryptocurrencies follow Bitcoin down


XRP has had a major swing up which brought it from $0.30 to an astonishing price of $0.79. However, the move was parabolic, and had to be contained. The price was rejected very soon, but it did not fall back to its previous levels. XRP consolidated at the price of around $0.55 and stayed there for a while. With Bitcoin going down, XRP has rushed downwards and had a major crash of 18% which left the price sitting at $0.46.



As always, Bitcoin is leading the price movements and dictating the trend of Cryptocurrencies. This time, it was to the downside. Bitcoin’s price fell down about 3.4%, which made other Cryptocurrencies fall down in price as well. Many of them, however, dropped down in price far more then how much Bitcoin has fallen. Most of the top100 Cryptocurrencies fell more than 5%.




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