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Daily update: Ethereum and XRP fighting for second place!

Daily update: Ethereum and XRP fighting for the second place!

The past few days have been pretty volatile when it comes to Cryptocurrencies. We’ve seen most Cryptocurrencies moving upwards. However, the ones that had the greatest and biggest spike were Ethereum and XRP. Not only that they had a massive bull run, but XRP spiked up so much that it, at one point, exceeded Ethereum and became the #2 Cryptocurrency by Market Cap.


Ethereum has spiked up from the $220-$230 levels all the way up to $250 levels. This is a major breakthrough, not only price-wise, but sentiment-wise as well. Many of the “Ethereum is dead” posts have died out themselves, and Ethereum has officially broken the major downwards facing trend line. This could mean only good things for this Cryptocurrency. The only thing that can actually offset the rise is the possibility of Bitcoin moving down, and dragging other Cryptocurrencies with it.



Just like Ethereum, XRP has had a major bull run. However, this one was even greater! Right after the $0.33 line was broken upwards, XRP went on a run all the way up to $0.79. However, the run was obviously too big, and came down to the consolidation point of $0.55. The run was caused by enormous bullish sentiment around XRP being included in many business ventures. At one point, XRP became the 2nd biggest Cryptocurrency by Market Cap, but Ethereum quickly rose itself and regained its spot.


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