Crypto Market Analysis

BTG/BTC Long After A Valid Breakout

Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

Market Cap: $741.47M

Circulating Supply: 17.05M BTG


Max Supply: 21M BTG

Volume (24h) $16.06M

BTG/USD = $43.309

Technical Analysis

BTG/BTC is on a declining path on the daily chart. The rate dropped significantly in the last months as the crypto market has crashed. Right now, it is very important to see what will really happen in the short term because the rate hovers right above a crucial support level. A valid breakdown will confirm a further drop in the upcoming period. The rate dropped today as the all major cryptocurrencies have dropped significantly today.


The price dropped and has found strong support at the 0.005564 level on April 12, 2018. It has increased a little and has made a valid breakout above the median line (ML) of the descending pitchfork. Unfortunately, the rate didn’t resume the rebound and has started another minor corrective phase in the short term.

BTG/BTC has found a temporary support again and has increased a little in the last days, that’s why I’ve drawn an ascending pitchfork. Unfortunately, the rate dropped significantly and could invalidate a further increase in the short term. The next few days will be crucial because a valid breakdown below the 0.005564 will signal a further drop.

We may have a buying opportunity only after a valid breakout above the downtrend line and if the rate will stay within the minor ascending pitchfork’s body.


You could go long after a valid breakout above the downtrend line. We’ll have an important upside target at the median line (ml) of the minor ascending pitchfork and another one at the UML.


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