Forex Market Analysis

Weekly Technical Overview

US Dollar Index



US Dollar Index is resuming its bullish trend. Nevertheless, even though it has left behind many resistances now it is facing a horizontal resistance that will decide whether it creates a double top or breaks it and continues its run. For now, we wait to see its reaction the following week.




EURUSD has been moving sideways recently, mostly due to the uncertainty of the trade war between China and USA. However, in the upcoming days it should resume its bearish trend without any support ahead in the near term.




After weeks of moving sideways and without a clear direction, both fundamentals and technicals give positive reasons to be bullish at the indexes. Not only that the macroeconomic figures are forecasted to be strong but so are the quarterly results from both European and American corporations. Hence, we reopen a bullish position looking to profit the upcoming bull market.




GBPUSD is beginning the bearish trend we were waiting for. However, there is still a long way to go until it reaches the profit target. It can either resume the bearish trend or start moving sideways due to uncertainty. The next few weeks will be key to watch what happens both fundamentally and technically. For now, we remain bearish.




After weeks of waiting for the breakout, it is finally confirmed. Open positions have been opened waiting for the continuation of the bullish trend. It can either continue or do a retest which will eventually lead to a stronger confirmation of the breakout and the beginning of a bull run.


US Oil


Between resistances and supports there is not a clear path for oil prices apart from the many fundamental variables surrounding it. For now remain neutral awaiting a clear signal.




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