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Unlimited Trade Copier Pro Review

Unlimited Trade Copier Pro is a complete tool to remotely copy trade between multiple MT4 or MT5 accounts and across the Internet. This is the best solution for signal providers, who want to share their trades with other traders globally with their own rules. A supplier can copy transactions to unlimited recipients, and a recipient can get unlimited supplier trading as well. The provider can set the expiration date of the subscription for each receiver so that the receiver may not receive the signals after a predetermined time.

The main features of this tool are:


-Copy of trades between MT4 and MT5 accounts.

-The role of the provider or receiver within the same tool is switchable.

-A provider can copy transactions to unlimited recipients, and a receiver can receive trades from unlimited suppliers.

The Provider or Receiver can manage your list of Receivers or Providers through a database management system without additional tools (add, delete, edit, enable or disable, set expiration, etc). The provider can set the maturity of the subscription for each receiver so that the receiver will not be able to receive the signals after that time.

The list of suppliers or receivers can be edited within MT4 or by a CSV file previously exported. It is switchable between Remote mode (copy over the internet) and Local mode (copy within the same PC/Server). Further, it is switchable between trade protocol (copy operations), and signal protocol (send or receive signal only).

By default, the SL/TP modifications, not only Input and Output, will be copied, so it is safer for the receiver in the event that the connection is lost or the terminal is left without an internet connection. But the provider has the right to hide SL, TP, and set other modifications (it would only copy the input and output) to hide the receiver’s strategy.

  • Protects the receiver from slips and old commands.
  • The receiver account can still operate manually or use other Eas without any conflict.
  • Automatically recognizes and synchronizes the symbol prefix or suffix between brokers.
  • This tool allows up to 5 special symbols (ie: GOLD –> XAUUSD, etc.).
  • It has multiple setting options for various batch sizes for the receiver.
  • Allows filtering the copy either SL or TP or output point.
  • Allows filtering what type of commands will be copied for both the provider and the receiver.
  • It allows the inverted copy for both the supplier and the receiver.
  • Protection of reduction.
  • Auto sends a mobile notification and email to the recipient when the account has new activities.
  • Restore the previous settings and status after switching off the terminal or turning off the power.
  • Control panel in real-time.
  • Easy to use tool and friendly interface.

In short, Unlimited Trade Copier Pro is one of the many tools used to copy a trader’s operations and replicate them in real-time remotely on another trading platform, MT4 or MT5. Despite being an easy to use tool, as we have seen in the features, it is quite powerful and allows multiple tasks, so it can be suitable for professional use.

This tool can be found in the MQL market, and its price is 299 USD, although it can be rented for 99 USD per month. It is also possible to test it for free using a trial demo version.


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