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Trajecta Neuron Trading Signal Indicator Review

On the platforms of Trajecta Trading Signal Indicators Labs, we can say that Trajecta’s trade signal indicators are an innovative platform, without repainting and automatic buying/selling indicators for any pair or period. What follows though is a detailed review of their Trajecta Neuron product, which is a Forex indicator.


The decision support system of this indicator uses the same technology as the rest of the Trajecta Labs trading signal line published in MQL5. However, they are using indicators instead of Expert Advisors (EA). The difference is that indicators do not actually send orders to the market, and the trader acts on the basis of trade signal indicators manually.


As the user does all trading work, the advantage of these indicators is that the prices of the products are lower, compared to the 100% automatic systems that exist in the market and the subscription signals of trading signals.

All trading signals are built with an intelligent system to detect the best and worst moments of trades. The indicator gives visibility to the trader at the best time for trading, with a trend panel and an accessible visual proof of strategy for any pair or time frame.

The user of this indicator does not need to make any adjustments, as the indicator will look for the purchase/sale signals and alert you with an optional pop-up message and will be adjusted using data mining of the most cost-effective Trajecta Labs configurations (developer of Trajecta Neuron) for the signal algorithm.

The main idea of this trade signal indicator is to help traders find the best pairs and deadlines, and improve visibility of the best and worst moments of the signal.

Trajecta Neuron – Visibility Trend Panel

This indicator is the first indicator of trade signals with the Trajecta VTP – Visibility Trend Panel, an innovative panel of Trajecta alerts to help traders make decisions when using trade signal indicators. The panel has an algorithm for the detection of the probability of the best and worst profound moments, and real-time information, using the following configuration:

  • Grey: probably a minor trend (could be a start signal)
  • Green: probably a strong trend (good time to close a position partially)
  • Blue: probably a close end to a strong trend
  • Red: probably a bad sign (consider to stop trade)

Trajecta Neuron VIB – Visual Indicator Feedback

The developers of this indicator work to create a visual way to test an indicator of trading signals, and to develop the Trajecta VIB – Visual Indicator Backtesting technology.

With this innovative system, the user will be able to create multiple tests of any pair or time frame, as fast as a click of a button, and which he will be able to select using his experience in the market.

To do this, you just have to zoom in on a chart as much as you can, and then inspect if you have more green/blue signs than red bars. The greener, the better.

Quality Control Panel of Trajecta Neuron

With the Quality Control Panel you can obtain information about the last signal and signal quality:

  • The version of the indicator
  • Strategy
  • Signal Average period (average period of all signals)
  • Signal Backtesting Total Pips / Total Bars
  • Signal quality (a real-time measure of signal quality)

Neur Trajecta Alert Panel

You can select and enable Alert Panel messages to alert when the signal changes from a long to a short position.

Guide to the use of Trajecta Neuron:

  1. Select the pair you want to exchange
  2. Select the period you want to negotiate
  3. Expect a purchase or sale signal alert (be patient if you are using long periods)
  4. Select a Take Profit and Stop Loss
  5. If the signal quality is less than recommended in the description of the trading signal, go back to step 1 and change the torque and/or period.


Trajecta, founded in 2003, is a Brazilian company, which offers quantitative and algorithmic commercial solutions to all types of investors, always looking for a level of performance and innovation that is superior to other quantitative systems of the market. The cost of this indicator is 90 USD and can be found in the MQL5 market.


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