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Here’s What You Need To Know About ChainLink Cryptocurrency


Blockchain has revolutionized the digital industry with its amazing benefits. It has secured the payment methods and has provided people with a brand-new way to trade digitally. There are plenty of crypto platforms that are working on blockchain right now. ChainLink is one such decentralized network that offers real-world data to smart contracts. Link is the cryptocurrency or the digital token of the ChainLink platform, which you can use to pay for the services they offer.

What’s The Issue With Smart Contracts?

Smart contracts are indeed an integral part of the blockchain system, which are basically agreements to evaluate the information entered and execute the conditions. These Smart contracts help in establishing a sense of trust among the traders. The only limitation that smart contracts have right now is the ability to connect with blockchain in a language that both can easily understand. If that limitation has been addressed, the use of smart contracts can be widely enhanced.

Oracle As The Much Needed Solution

Oracle is the ideal solution to all these problems. It is basically a middle software that works as a translator for converting data from the real world to smart contracts and vice versa. Oracles are the recent additions into the blockchain and crypto ecosystem with an aim to bring together off-chain data and on-chain smart contracts. However, there is a loophole that makes oracles less efficient. Centralized oracles will decrease the efficiency of on-chain smart contracts due to the faulty and untrustworthy nature.

How ChainLink Makes a Difference?

ChainLink emerges as a savior in the situation. It is a decentralized oracle network that sources data and information off blockchain and transfers it to blockchain smart contracts. The primary purpose of ChainLink is to minimize the reliability issue with oracles. In a nutshell, ChainLink has found a reliable way to take the information from and for the blockchain in the safest manner.

How Does It Work To Provide More Security?

The ChainLink works by providing data to the purchase in return of the data in a secure way. Purchasers have to select the data, and the providers have to bid on that data. Providers will make a stake of LINK tokens during the bid.

With a view to improving the oracles and data security, ChainLink bought a startup, i.e., TownCrier. The technology of TownCrier helped ChainLink to enhance security with a trusted execution environment.

The Bottom Line

Blockchains are a popular way of securing digital transactions because it uses cryptography to establish security and trust. It is important to understand that each set of blockchain is a universe that needs to be explored. The information transfer in and out of the blockchain can make it vulnerable. To restrict the blockchain from compromising, ChainLink entered the crypto ecosystem as a decentralized oracle network.

Bridging the gap between real-world data and on-chain smart contracts, ChainLink was able to address the pain point. It acts as the middleware between off-chain data and an on-chain smart contract. Today, ChainLink is the most successful and powerful blockchain network that still has the potential to outgrow itself.