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Stochastic with AMA Filtering Indicator Review

Stochastic with AMA filter is an indicator that offers a simultaneous stochastic indicator (oscillator) with signal line filtration by means of the adaptive moving mean (АМА). The developers of this indicator have also added a multicolored signal line display feature. In addition, signal line values below the specified minimum level or above the specified maximum level can be highlighted.

The parameters of this indicator are as follows:

  • Period K – period K of the stochastic oscillator
  • Deceleration – the period of deceleration of the stochastic oscillator
  • Price field – Stochastic Oscillator Used Price Mode
  • Maximum level – maximum level value
  • Minimum level – minimum level value
  • Showcoloredama – enable/disable color signal line display
  • Showarrowsupdn – enable/disable the display of color signal line in dot form
  • iPeriodAMA – Period of smoothing
  • Fastestama – fasting period АМА
  • Slowstama – slow period АМА
  • dSMT – power for calculation of АМА
  • Methodama – АМА smoothing period
  • Arrow up – signal line growth symbol code
  • Arrow down – signal line drop symbol code
  • Arrowext – code to highlight signal line values outside the minimum and maximum levels
  • Add digits – increasing the number of decimals in indicator values
  • Activate alert message at line crossing
  • Activate alert notification at line crossing
  • Activate alert sound at line crossing
  • Alert sound file name

Yellow circles are the indicator values above and below the oversold and overbought levels. To enable the display of arrows (colored dots), change the parameter ShowArrowsUpDn.

The price of this indicator, available on the MLQ5 market is only 30 USD. As affordable as it is to purchase the indicator outright, there is a cheaper option which is to rent it for the price of 10 USD for a period of one year. 

At the time of this review, only one user review was provided by user Chao Tang:

“Good trading indicator. Thank you, inventor!”

Although the indicator was created in February 2015, it has hardly any user comments or reviews on third-party websites, so we cannot make an assessment that takes into account users’ views. Fortunately, it is available at a very affordable price which allows for use without much financial risk.


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