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Stability EUR/USD Expert Advisor Review


Stability EURUSD can be found within the Experts section of the MQL5 marketplace. It was uploaded on the marketplace on the 31st of March 2020 by its creator Pavel Malyshko, it has not had any further updates and so it is still at version 1.0.


Stability EURUSD is an expert advisor created for use with the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. Its main purpose is to use a mathematical formula to determine market entry points. This expert advisor will use hidden support of orders from the broker in the form of stop losses, which means that you will not lose the entire deposit on several transactions. There are no fixed take profits with this EA.

It is recommended that you have an account with a balance of at least $50 and that you use a low spread broker. The EA will work on the M5 timeframe for the EURUSD currency pair. There are a few options available, these include magic numbers and different risk setting such as low risk, medium risk, high risk, extreme risk, and armageddon. You can also adjust the lot sizes used along with the maximum spreads, and GMT time changes.

Service Cost

The Stability EURUSD can be purchased outright for $199, this will come with no limitations but can only be activated up to 5 times. There is also the option to rent the EA, this can be done over a six-month period and will cost you $99 for those six months. There is a free demo version that can be used with the strategy tester with the MetaTrader 4 trading platform.


As the EA is still relatively new at the time that we were writing this review, there were not user ratings or comments so we do not know whether it is, in fact, doing what it is meant to be doing. Due to this, we would strongly suggest that you get in contact with the developer with your queries or concerns, this is an opportunity to make sure that the EA will perform how you need it to, but will also make sure that the developer will be available to offer support should you need it.


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