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Kana Profit Expert Advisor Review


Kana Profit EA is a robot created in April 2020 by developer Rami Kanawati, which premieres in the marketing of EAs with this its first product. This expert consultant is a provider of trade signals. The signals are used with a time frame of 1H, which is the time frame that has shown the best results.


The creator of this EA advises that our trading account has a leverage of 1:400 to obtain the best results. All orders that this robot executes go with stop loss and take profit and the maximum trade size that is recommended is 0.01 lot for every 100 USD balance in the account balance. The recommended minimum deposit to start will be 300 USD.

The best result in the preliminary tests of this EA is for the currency pairs GBPUSD, EURUSD, and NZDUSD. When you open a trade the robot will put a Take Profit to 30 pips for both purchases and sales ( This must be changed manually before starting to use the EA, if we want a Take Profit more or less distance).

The default robot parameters are set to 100 USD, you can increase the batch size if your equity is greater than 300 USD. If your equity is 1000 USD or higher you can use lot size 0.10 maximum for all currency pairs, but it is not used for multiple graphics, the total should not exceed 0.10 for all pairs if your equity is 1000 USD.

Service Cost

If you are interested in renting this robot and find out if it gets the results it promises, you have it available in the MQL market at a price of 15 USD for 1 month of use, 30 USD for 3 months of use, 75 USD for 6 months of use, and 125 USD for 1 year of use. At the moment it is not available for sale.


In conclusion, we talk about the first EA developed by Rami Kanawati, who details a series of recommendations but does not reveal the true functioning of this EA. We only have a series of screenshots where we can see the results of this tool, which look very good, but we don’t have a link to an audited real account with the robot running that would be ideal.

We recommend downloading the free demo version to learn how this EA works and see what results can be obtained. Being a newly designed product, there are hardly any user reviews that have tested it, but the few reviews that exist at the moment are very positive.

As with any robot, we always advise using a reliable broker with a low spread, and low latency, so that transactions are executed as quickly as possible. It is also advisable, whenever a robot is used, to have a virtual server (VPS), and if there is no dedicated server, we will have to leave our computer on 24/7 while the EA is working.


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