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Belkhayate Gravity Center MT4 Indicator Review

Belkhayate Gravity Center MT4 is a technical trading indicator that was added to the mql5 marketplace in May of 2019. The author, Ahmed Alaoui Chrifi has published a few other products. This indicator has never been updated from version 2.0.


This indicator displays the upper and lower price levels on the chart using red and green lines. Traders would then analyze that data, under the assumption that a turn-around is coming soon if the price reaches either the upper or lower level, otherwise, there should be a pullback towards the center line in the case of a strong trend, thus making it an effective tool for confirming major turning points and distinguishing price extremes.


The product is named after a well-known trader who outlined the parameters it follows, which revolve around alerts and the use of buffers that can be used with an Expert Advisor. The name also obviously points out that this indicator was designed to work on the MT4 (MetaTrader 4) platform, as is the case with many similar products, including EAs and other utilities.

Service Cost

Traders are only given the choice to purchase the indicator for $30 USD with 5 activations. This is a standard price for the type of product, although many other developers offer traders the ability to rent their indicators at a lower price for a month or so. Those that wish to test this product before buying can take advantage of the free demo account that is available.


The Belkhayate Gravity Center MT4 indicator is best used for confirming major turning points and identifying price extremes. As always, taking a look at user reviews is a great way to see how a product is working for others. We found the following reviews:

“Faithful adaptation of the gravity center indicator in Ninja Trader. Recommended if you like scalping using this technique. Try it and see!” -Mwaschkowski

“Very good” -Hidden-Daemon

Obviously, these users found the product to be useful, but it would be a little more reassuring if the product had received more than 2 reviews and a few comments. Still, traders can conduct further testing on the free demo version before making a commitment to buy this product, so we don’t see any reason to cross it off your list based on a lack of feedback. When used effectively, this indicator could certainly help traders to identify significant happenings in the market that would result in better trading decisions.

This Forex service can be found at the following web address:


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