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The Pressures Of Forex Trading


Pressure, the incredibly strong feeling of dread or stress that can come over you when doing pretty much anything when there is something on the line. In regards to trading, that something is your account balance. This is even more apparent if you are currently trading as your full-time job and you are counting on it for paying things like your bills or to purchase your weekly shopping. Pressure can come from both within and from outside sources, so let’s take a little look at the sort of things that can cause pressure and the effects that this can have on both you and your trading abilities.

Have a little think about the sorts of things that cause you to feel pressure, normally it would be some sort of deadline that you need to meet, maybe you are nowhere near making it. This same pressure can come with trading, e briefly touched on the fact that you may be relying on the money that you will make in order to pay your bills or purchase your weekly shop, this sort of pressure can lead you to making rash trading decisions and making additional risky trades that are outside of your trading plan, simply so you can make enough to survive. This sort of pressure is not good at all, the desperation to make enough will make you throw out all caution and will ultimately cause you to lose, which in turn will increase the pressure further.

There is also the sort of pressure that you can put on yourself, if you consider yourself to be a perfectionist, every single loss that you take will be a little hit to your ego and will increase the amount of stress and pressure that you will be putting on yourself in order to do better. There is also the pressure of trading money that you may actually need, the old saying of not trading what you can’t afford to lose is a very honest and realistic approach, as soon as you start to trade with money you need, an incredible amount of pressure will come over you, knowing that if you lose it, you could be struggling in life for quite a while.

Pushing yourself to learn more, and to achieve more can put some unwanted pressure on yourself, there are no time limits, the markets aren’t going anywhere. Take your time to learn, don’t put these unnecessary stresses on yourself, there is no need to and it is completely self-destructive.

These pressures are often caused by some sort of decision that we made at one point in time when it comes to out trading, whether we deposited too much, our trades are using too much risk or we took the step to going full time too soon. It is important to think about each decision that you make, it is all well and good thinking that you will be able to deal with the pressure when it comes, but the best course of action that you can take is to avoid bringing the pressure down on you in the first place, if you can manage to do that, then you won’t have to deal with the crippling effects that pressure can have on someone.


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