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Bulls Vs. Bears MT4 EA Review

Bulls VS Bears is a tool created in April 2020 by developer Antonis Michos. Bulls VS Bears is an EA that generates advanced signals. Once the system establishes an order, the EA puts two TP points (one of them quite far from the entry point), based on essential levels. The robot, once it sets an order also provides a stop-loss point.

The developer recommends testing the EA in open price visual mode for faster execution. In the interface of the robot, there is an additional panel with two buttons (sell and buy) in the center of the table that you can use if you want instead of the MT4. This is optional functionality.

The EA will always generate two types of purchase signals and two types of sales signals. They are recognized because they have different colors and sizes. The smaller signal has less potential to reach the big Take Profit, but this will be more than 50%. The time frame used by this EA is M15, and 100% of the signals are non-coloured and strictly at the close of a candle.

The entries made by Bulls VS Bears are based on several trend indicators and the robot studies the moments when the bulls are stronger than the bears and vice versa. Bulls VS Bears also has the functionality of putting alerts and push up notifications for the phone.

We are talking about a robot of which we have very little information. The creator does not even mention in which financial assets it is advisable to invest with the EA, if with Forex, commodities, indices… etc. As a tool of very recent creation, we do not have any comments or experiences from users who have already tried it and can tell us what results they have obtained. There are hardly any comments from any user who has tried the demo version and doubts whether Bulls VS Bears is really an EA or an indicator.

In conclusion, we could not recommend this EA until it matures a little on the market. What we can do is download the demo version and observe its behavior, as well as evaluate the results.

For the use of an EA it is always advisable to have a VPS or virtual server, and in case of not having, to keep the computer on 24/7. It is also important to note in a broker that provides an ECN account and has low latency so that the execution of the orders is as fast as possible.

If you are interested in purchasing this EA, you can find it in the MQL market for a price of 65 USD. It is not currently available for rent.

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Tips for Trading in a Bear Market

In a bear market, prices are trending downwards, with the most accepted definition being that the market declines more than 20% in value. The opposite of a bear market is a bull market, where prices have increased in value by more than 20%. Although most people prefer to trade in a bull market, it is often said that the best traders are made in bear markets when the pressure is on. Still, it can be intimidating to trade in a bear market and some traders avoid this situation altogether. Regardless of whether you have or haven’t traded in this type of market before, you should take a look at our tips for surviving in a bear market below.

Tip #1: Diversify Your Investments

Rather than focusing on one or two instruments, the best strategy in a bear market is to diversify your portfolio by investing in other currency pairs.
It’s best to stick with majors & minors. Avoid exotics.

Consider hedging your trades by trading pairs that usually counter one another so that you can make a profit either way or reduce your loss.

Consider adding other instruments like stocks to your portfolio for more diversity.

Tip #2: Invest in the Right Currency Pairs

In order to trade successfully in a bear market, you’ll need to be able to spot which pairs are worth trading. This may seem difficult at first, as it will seem as though every pair is down.

Look for signs that the market is undervalued and will change soon.

Invest in a pair that is likely to recover soon and you will be able to sell your position at a good price because it was undervalued when you purchased it.

Tip #3: Buy Low and Sell High

This might seem obvious, but the best money-making strategy in a bear market is to buy once the market is close to the lowest price and to sell once the price rises. However, this can be risky because the market could continue to decrease in value.

Look for confirmation that the price is going to rise before buying low. The best indicator of this is a bullish candle.

Be sure to figure out how much you’re willing to risk first and use a stop loss along with your risk-management plan.

Consider using indicators to better trade the trends in the market

Tip #4: Larger Timeframes are Best

You’ll want to look at larger timeframes when trading in a bear market because they can last a long time and shorter timeframes just don’t get you a view of the bigger picture.