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Struggling With Forex? Read These Quotes Today…


Today we bring you a small collection of famous phrases of traders and personalities that with their words have helped us to improve, we hope that they also help you a lot. Then we’ll leave you with the great truths of the rockers.

– If you want to double your money the quickest, then what you should do is double the bills and put them back in your pocket. (Will Rogers)
– I soon realized that men who have succeeded ( Lawyers, Doctors, Scientists… ) have spent years of study and research in their respective fields, before trying to make money from their professions. (William Gann)
– Success is an ATTITUDE, not a matter of luck. (Anonymous)
– Luck does not exist; God does not play dice with the universe. (Albert Einstein)
– What separates the 5% you earn from the other 95% you lose is an enormous amount of effort. It’s perseverance. You have to like it. (Tom Baldwin)

For us these phrases make one thing clear, investing in the markets is a reality, a fact that anyone can do whenever he invests (and never better said) time in doing it, you need constancy, desire, and training correctly, the rest will come.

It is clear that markets are not a magical place where you double the money, the people who earn here are thanks to their personal effort and their dedication.

We also include some of the most famous and famous phrases of the famous Trader Jesse Livermore.

– When I’m not right, only one thing convinces me of it, and that’s losing money. That’s speculating. (Jesse Livermore)
– They say you never get poor by taking profits, that’s right, but you don’t get rich by taking a four-point profit in a bullish market either. (Jesse Livermore)
– We all know that prices go up and down, it happened in the past and it will happen in the future and that’s all we need to know. It is not advisable to be too curious about the causes that cause price movements, as you risk filling your head with irrelevant aspects. All we need to do is try to find the movement and try to follow the flow. Don’t argue with the trend, and especially don’t try to fight it. (Jesse Livermore)
– If you have a little moment I’ll tell you how to make money on the stock market. Buy with low prices and sell with high prices. If you’re 5 or 10, I’ll tell you when prices are low and when prices are high. (Jesse Livermore)

And, without a doubt, the best of so many who said:

– When my driver tells me he’s going to buy some stock, I rush to sell mine. (Jesse Livermore)

These phrases perfectly summarize the trading, the professionals operate with great trends and movements, holding the position until exhausting that trend, never pay attention to the advice of others, only of what they read in the market, In fact, many people believe that they lose in the market because the professionals manipulate it to their liking, this is not so, they simply place themselves on the right side. On the other hand, it refers to the difficulty and time it takes to learn to read the market, this is not a matter of 2 days, you need time and dedication.


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