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FX option expiries for Apr 23 NY cut

23 April 2020, 08:17


FX option expiries for Apr 23 NY cut at 10:00 Eastern Time, via DTCC, can be found below.

– EUR/USD: EUR amounts
•1.0750 1.1bn
•1.0790 525m
•1.0800 2.5bn
•1.0810 657m
•1.0830 831m
•1.0845 1.2bn
•1.0865 680m
•1.0900 1.4bn
•1.0905 841m

– USD/JPY: USD amounts
•107.25 1.1bn
•107.30 360m
•107.40 1.1bn
•107.50 1.0bn
•107.90 380m
•107.95 373m
•108.00 468m


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