Crypto Market Analysis

Daily Crypto -BTC Continues Trapped by Strong Resistance at 6480; Ethereum Holding Price; Dash consolidating


  • Fundamental analysis: The fundamentals on Bitcoin have not changed since our last update. The Lightning Network is still performing well, but quite unnoticed. The news are mixed, and indicate Bitcoin moving both ways. However, the overall sentiment is still bearish.
  • Technical analysis: Bitcoin has just recently broken the $6480 line it was consolidating above. The downswing brought it all the way to $6200, but it quickly picked up the pace and started moving towards the new resistance line (the one it was under in the previous week). However, Bitcoin had no strength to push above it, and stayed bellow to consolidate.


  • Fundamental analysis: The bad Ethereum news are quickly evaporating, and are getting replaced with the major spike up in price it had recently. However, Ethereum is still not out of trouble yet.
  • Technical analysis: Ethereum did not follow Bitcoin in its spike downwards, and has consolidated after a major swing up. It is currently sitting at around $210.


  • Fundamental analysis: Dash fundamentals have not changed since the past update. The news are not covering dash much, and the articles are vague and are not predicting any price movements.
  • Technical analysis: Dash has been pretty stagnant in the past couple of days, and has simply consolidated between the support line at $172 and the resistance line which is near $200.

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