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What happened to forex made easy?

Forex Made Easy was a popular trading system that was used by many traders in the foreign exchange market. The system was designed to provide traders with a simple and effective way to trade the forex market. However, over time, the popularity of Forex Made Easy began to decline and many traders started to question whether the system was still effective. In this article, we will explore what happened to Forex Made Easy and why it lost its popularity among traders.

The History of Forex Made Easy

Forex Made Easy was developed by James Dicks, a veteran trader with over 30 years of experience in the financial markets. Dicks was also the founder of the popular trading website, He developed Forex Made Easy as a way to simplify the forex market and make it accessible to traders of all levels of experience.


The system was based on a set of rules that traders could follow to identify profitable trading opportunities in the forex market. The rules were designed to be easy to understand and implement, even for traders who had little or no experience in forex trading.

Forex Made Easy quickly gained popularity among traders, with many people praising the system for its simplicity and effectiveness. The system was also featured in several trading magazines and websites, further increasing its popularity.

The Decline of Forex Made Easy

Despite its initial success, Forex Made Easy began to lose its popularity among traders in the late 2000s. There were a few reasons for this decline:

1. Market Conditions Changed

One of the main reasons why Forex Made Easy lost its effectiveness was because market conditions changed. The system was developed during a time when the forex market was less volatile and more predictable.

However, in the years following the global financial crisis of 2008, the forex market became much more volatile and unpredictable. This made it more difficult for traders to follow the rules of Forex Made Easy and identify profitable trading opportunities.

2. Increased Competition

Another reason why Forex Made Easy lost its popularity was because of increased competition. As more and more traders entered the forex market, new trading systems and strategies were developed that were more effective than Forex Made Easy.

Traders began to realize that there were better ways to trade the forex market than using Forex Made Easy. This led to a decline in the number of traders using the system.

3. Lack of Updates

Finally, another reason why Forex Made Easy lost its popularity was because of a lack of updates. The system had not been updated for several years, and traders began to question whether it was still effective.

As market conditions changed, traders needed a system that could adapt to these changes. However, Forex Made Easy remained the same, making it less effective in the current market conditions.


In conclusion, Forex Made Easy was a popular trading system that was used by many traders in the forex market. However, over time, the system lost its popularity due to changing market conditions, increased competition, and a lack of updates.

Traders need to be aware that the forex market is constantly changing, and they need to adapt their trading strategies to these changes. While Forex Made Easy may have been effective in the past, it is no longer a viable trading system in the current market conditions. Instead, traders need to look for new and innovative trading strategies that can help them succeed in the forex market.


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