Top 5 Carry Trade Forex Pairs to Watch in 2021

Title: Top 5 Carry Trade Forex Pairs to Watch in 2021


Carry trading is a popular strategy in the forex market that involves taking advantage of interest rate differentials between two currencies. Traders aim to profit from the interest rate spread while also benefiting from potential capital appreciation. In 2021, with the global economy slowly recovering from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is crucial to identify the top carry trade forex pairs to watch. This article will delve into the five most promising pairs for carry trading in 2021.


The USD/JPY pair has long been a favorite for carry traders due to the large interest rate differential between the US dollar and the Japanese yen. Historically, the Bank of Japan has maintained ultra-low interest rates, making the yen a popular funding currency. With the Federal Reserve maintaining a dovish stance and the Bank of Japan expected to keep rates low, the USD/JPY pair is likely to remain attractive for carry trade opportunities in 2021.



The AUD/JPY pair is another popular choice for carry trading. The Australian dollar has traditionally offered higher interest rates compared to other major currencies, making it an attractive funding currency. Additionally, Japan’s low interest rates provide a favorable environment for borrowing the yen to invest in higher-yielding assets. Traders can expect opportunities to profit from the interest rate differential while taking advantage of potential capital appreciation in the AUD/JPY pair.


Similar to the AUD/JPY pair, the NZD/JPY pair is also well-suited for carry trading strategies. New Zealand’s relatively high interest rates and Japan’s low interest rates create an appealing interest rate differential. Traders can potentially benefit from both interest income and capital gains in the NZD/JPY pair. However, it is essential to closely monitor any changes in interest rate policies by the central banks of New Zealand and Japan.


The GBP/JPY pair offers an excellent opportunity for carry trading due to the interest rate spread and potential volatility. Historically, the Bank of England has maintained higher interest rates compared to the Bank of Japan. This makes the British pound an attractive funding currency, while the yen provides a low-cost borrowing option. Traders can capitalize on the interest rate differential and any potential price movements in the GBP/JPY pair.


While the Turkish lira may not be traditionally considered as a carry trade currency, the EUR/TRY pair has gained attention in recent years due to Turkey’s high interest rates. The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey has historically implemented tight monetary policies to combat inflation, resulting in high interest rates. This makes the Turkish lira an appealing funding currency for carry trades. However, traders must be cautious as the Turkish lira is known for its volatility, requiring strict risk management measures.


Carry trading can be a profitable strategy in the forex market when executed with careful analysis and risk management. In 2021, the top five carry trade forex pairs to watch are USD/JPY, AUD/JPY, NZD/JPY, GBP/JPY, and EUR/TRY. Traders should consider the interest rate differentials, potential capital appreciation, and volatility of these currency pairs when implementing carry trade strategies. It is crucial to stay updated on central bank policies and global economic developments to make informed trading decisions. As always, proper risk management practices should be employed to protect against potential losses.


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