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The Best YouTube Channels for Forex Traders to Follow

Traders can get information about forex trading from a variety of sources, including articles, eBooks, audiobooks, and paper novels, training courses, webinars, seminars, videos, and more. In today’s day and age, one of the most popular sources for learning trading information comes from YouTube. There are a lot of different channels that can offer interesting trading advice; however, some videos just aren’t worth watching. This is why we’ve taken the time to put together a list of the best YouTube stars you can follow right now so that you won’t have to wade through the bad channels.

Warrior Trading is the YouTube trading channel with the most subscribers, which is currently up to 582K. The channel was created by well-known trader Ross Cameron back in 2013. Since then, his videos have racked up more than 58 million views. The channel focuses on educating traders and teaching one how to make a living trading stocks. Ross provides live day trading watchlists along with his courses and uploads an impressive number of videos each month. If you’re only going to check out one YouTube star, this is the one to watch.

Trading 212 comes in 2nd on our list, with 524K subscribers and more than 48 million views. This channel is powered by the London fintech company that demonstrates the financial markets with free, easy to use smart apps, including the UK’s #1 trading app. If you’re interested in using any of the company’s products or in learning to trade in general, you can really learn something from the channel’s in-depth videos that cover a variety of topics.

Adam Khoo is another notable YouTube contributor for trading information. He isn’t far behind our first two channels with 513,000 subscribers and 203 videos, and he’s been doing this since 2014. The channel focuses on providing insights into investing in stocks and forex with profitable outcomes. Adam Khoo is also the author of multiple books and has helped to further the education of thousands of students.

Rayner Teo covers trading information for beginners with 429,000 subscribers. Although his number of subscribers places him in the fourth position on our list, this creator has contributed more than 500 videos to the cause. Instead of focusing on the luxurious aspects of trading, like fast cars and mansions, this trader explains that he’d rather stay realistic by providing helpful educational videos that can really help you to become a better trader.

Although UKspreadbetting is the last option on our list, the channel has 230K subscribers and the largest selection of videos, with more than 3,000 options. This channel focuses on spread betting with the goal to inform, educate, and entertain aspiring traders. If you like the videos found on this channel, you can also follow the creator on Facebook and Twitter.

There are a lot more YouTube channels out there that cover important trading information, but we found the above options to be some of the top channels with the most subscribers and impressive amount of videos. While you can always learn to trade from a variety of sources, videos are one of the best ways because they allow authors to really explain concepts with audio and visual information.