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How to check balance on hdfc forex card in atm?

HDFC Forex Card is a popular choice for international travelers as it offers a convenient and secure way to carry foreign currency. One of the key benefits of the HDFC Forex Card is the ability to check your balance at ATMs. In this article, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to check your balance on an HDFC Forex Card at an ATM.

Step 1: Locate the nearest ATM

The first step to check your HDFC Forex Card balance is to locate the nearest ATM. You can use the HDFC Bank website or mobile app to find the nearest ATM. Alternatively, you can use Google Maps or other online resources to locate the nearest HDFC Bank ATM.


Step 2: Insert your HDFC Forex Card

Once you have located the nearest HDFC Bank ATM, insert your HDFC Forex Card into the machine. The ATM will read your card and display a list of options on the screen.

Step 3: Select the ‘Balance Enquiry’ option

Next, select the ‘Balance Enquiry’ option from the list of available options on the screen. This option will allow you to check your HDFC Forex Card balance.

Step 4: Enter your PIN

To proceed with the balance enquiry, you will need to enter your HDFC Forex Card PIN. This is the same PIN that you use to withdraw cash from the ATM or make purchases using your Forex Card.

Step 5: Check your balance

Once you have entered your PIN, the ATM will display your HDFC Forex Card balance on the screen. The balance will be displayed in the currency that you have loaded on your Forex Card. For example, if you have loaded US Dollars on your Forex Card, your balance will be displayed in USD.

Step 6: Collect your receipt

After checking your HDFC Forex Card balance, the ATM will give you the option to print a receipt. You can choose to print the receipt or skip this step if you don’t need one.

Tips for using your HDFC Forex Card at an ATM

– Always keep your HDFC Forex Card PIN safe and secure. Do not share it with anyone.

– Make sure that you have enough balance on your Forex Card before using it at an ATM.

– Check the exchange rates before loading your Forex Card to get the best value for your money.

– If you face any issues while using your HDFC Forex Card at an ATM, contact the HDFC Bank customer support team for assistance.


Checking your HDFC Forex Card balance at an ATM is a simple and convenient process. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily check your balance and keep track of your foreign currency expenses. Remember to keep your HDFC Forex Card PIN safe and secure to avoid any unauthorized transactions.


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