How to learn forex trading for free?


Forex trading has become increasingly popular in recent years, with more and more individuals looking to make money through this exciting financial venture. However, many people are put off by the high costs associated with learning forex trading, including expensive courses, coaching sessions, and trading software. Fortunately, there are several ways to learn forex trading for free, allowing you to start trading without breaking the bank.

1. Use Free Online Resources

One of the best ways to learn forex trading for free is by using online resources such as blogs, forums, and educational websites. These resources provide valuable information on forex trading, including market analysis, trading strategies, and tips for beginners. Some of the most popular online resources for forex trading include Investopedia, BabyPips, and Forex Factory.


Investopedia is a leading financial education website that offers a range of resources on forex trading, including tutorials, articles, and videos. The site also provides a comprehensive dictionary of financial terms, making it easier for beginners to understand the jargon used in the forex market.

BabyPips is another popular online resource for forex traders, offering a free online course on forex trading. The course covers everything from the basics of forex trading to advanced trading strategies, making it an ideal resource for beginners and experienced traders alike.

Forex Factory is a leading forex forum that provides a wealth of information on forex trading, including market analysis, trading strategies, and expert opinions. The forum also allows traders to share their experiences and ask for advice from other traders, making it a valuable community for learning forex trading.

2. Practice with a Demo Account

Another effective way to learn forex trading for free is by practicing with a demo account. Most forex brokers offer demo accounts that allow traders to practice trading without risking their own money. Demo accounts provide an opportunity to test trading strategies and get a feel for the forex market without the pressure of risking real money.

When using a demo account, it is important to treat it as if it were a real account. This means setting realistic trading goals, using proper risk management, and keeping a trading journal to track your progress. By treating a demo account as if it were a real account, you can gain valuable experience and build confidence in your trading skills.

3. Attend Free Webinars

Many forex brokers offer free webinars on forex trading, providing a valuable opportunity to learn from experienced traders. Webinars cover a range of topics, including market analysis, trading strategies, and risk management. They also provide an opportunity to ask questions and get feedback from the experts.

Webinars are typically held live, but many brokers also offer recorded webinars that can be accessed at any time. This allows traders to learn at their own pace and revisit topics as needed.

4. Read Forex Trading Books

Reading books on forex trading is another effective way to learn for free. There are many books available on forex trading, covering a range of topics from the basics of trading to advanced strategies. Some popular books on forex trading include “Currency Trading for Dummies” by Kathleen Brooks and Brian Dolan, “The Forex Trading Course” by Abe Cofnas, and “Trading in the Zone” by Mark Douglas.

Reading forex trading books can provide valuable insights into the forex market and help traders develop a strong understanding of trading strategies and risk management techniques.


Learning forex trading for free is not only possible but also highly recommended for beginners. By using online resources, practicing with a demo account, attending free webinars, and reading forex trading books, traders can gain valuable knowledge and experience in forex trading without the high costs associated with traditional training methods. With patience, dedication, and a willingness to learn, anyone can become a successful forex trader.