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Main Features An Approach to Professional Trading Solid Macroeconomic / Fundamental Analysis Sector Analysis & Capital Flows Risk Management & Portfolio Diversification Effective Technical Analysis Tools Price Patterns Psychology & Behavioral Trading Methodology Builder and Quantitative Analysis

Session 1.1 -Professional Trading Course overview

The roadmap of what the next 36 videos will teach you! [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]   Video Transcription Hello good evening and welcome to the become a pro

Session 1.2 -Professional Trading Course overview

A summary of what becoming a professional trader requires. Rest at ease, Forex Academy will guide you all the way! [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]

Session 2.1 -An Approach to Professional Trading

In the first layer of becoming a professional trader, we cover the foundations of building up a winning methdology that fulfills both your expectations and preferences; including aspects such as

Session 2.2 -An Approach to Professional Trading

We cover the essential subjective aspects of a professional trader in a deeper manner. Regardless of how straighforward keping a balanced mind might seem, you will find it interesting to

Session 3.1 -Effective Market Analysis

Financial trading is not a "guessing game". The most efficient traders will develop a specific level of insight into the market they trade so as have a competitive edge over

Session 3.2 -Effective Market Analysis

Financial markets react to the flow of new information. Conducting proper analysis does not ask us to choose one form of analysis over the other, but simply to consider a

Session 4.1 -Macroeconomics

Macroeconomy is a broad subject, thus in this session we tackle those aspects that have or are expected to have a considerable impact of financial markets, specially on the Forex

Session 4.2 -Macroeconomics

We discuss the business cycle, productive sectors and their forces, the impact of central banks and politicial developments, brexit, etc. [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]

Session 5.1 -Market Forces of Supply and Demand

As complex as financial markets actually are, they still bind to conventional forces known as supply and demand. Although such forces cannot fully account for what moves those price you

Session 5.2 -Market Forces of Supply and Demand

We go deeper into the interaction of the supply and demand forces, how they determine price under "perfect markets conditions", resources allocation, etc.

Session 6.1 -Sector Analysis

Assessing the performance of economic sector of an economy and trading on such research is where fundamental trading really comes to life. Most industrial well-developed economies rely heavily on manufacturing

Session 6.2 -Sector Analysis

Using sector analysis to profit in the financial markets is all about defining a current level of exposure. Each and every economy is exposed one way or another to government

Session 7.1 -Capital & Trade Flows

Another delivery on Fundamental Analysis. In this session you will learn everything regarding capital and trade flow from a macroeconomic perspective; which will allow you to digest key economic data

Session 7.2 -Capital & Trade Flows

In the second part of this session we cover the dynamics of international capital flows, i.e., investment, reallocation, etc.; as well as its connection to economic sectors and markets such

Session 8.1 -Economic Data Analysis

Economic data is so important that most traders erroneously regard it as equivalent to fundamentals (analysis). In this session, you will be introduced to its limited impact; as well

Session 8.2 -Economic Data Analysis

We move on to the analysis of other types of economic releases such as manufacturing, industrial & Services output (i.e., PMI), durable goods, confidence, credit, retail sales, etc. We also

Session 9.1 -Technical Analysis Features

In the first of six videos exclusively dedicated to technical analysis, we cover the assumptions upon which this methodology is built; and explain you how these assumptions are related to

Session 9.2 -Technical Analysis Features

Here we elaborate further into the relation between technical analysis and price action through a series of real case studies. This session will show you the degree of predictability of

Session 10.1 -Into the Hardcore of Technical Analysis

We start by exposing the prospects and limitation of the technical analysis methodology, as well as common tools-related errors that you should avoid. We then move on to the essential

Session 10.2 -Into the Hardcore of Technical Analysis

We dedicate the second part of this session to convergences and divergences, price exhaustion, oscillation, and fibonacci; all of which is covered through a rather empirical approach! [video width="1920" height="1080"

Session 11.1 -Advanced Learning on Technical Analysis

In the final session on our Technical Analysis saga we enter into the advanced territories of confluence, position neglection and validation, reaction to favorable and adverse incoming scenarios, etc. You

Session 11.2 -Advanced Learning on Technical Analysis

We finish this series on Technical Analysis by explaining you the 6 tenets of Dow Theory which you definately should incorporate into your own trading method. In addition, this video

Session 12.1 -Advanced Aspects of Fundamental Analysis

We cover important components of fundamental analysis that most traders seem to ignore such as "carry trade". You will also learn about the fundamental specificities of countries and economic areas

Session 12.2 -Advanced Aspects of Fundamental Analysis

In the second part of this session on Advanced fundamentals we focus on the US Dollar, the Federal Reserve, interest rate differential and expectations; before highlighting some foundational aspects of

Session 13.1 -Market Correlations

You are now ready to incorporate one of the most useful tools available into your own trading method: market (price) correlation! In this session we explain what correlation is; its

Session 13.2 -Market Correlations

You will learn about the correlation between the forex and equity markets, and all about "statistical inference". We finish this session by putting correlation into context as to how it

Session 14.1 -Risk Management & Analysis

In this session we make a final incursion into the risk management landscape; this time from an advanced viewstand. We approach risk as for how it should be accounted in

Session 14.2 -Risk Management & Analysis

You will learn what practical risk aversion is while considering both your own trading preferences, and market selection. We then move forward to the tools that will help you mitigate

Session 15.1 -Portfolio Diversification

In this session we approach portfolio diversification from a much broader perspective, well beyond its conventional use as a risk management tool. We also elaborate deeper into the rationale for

Session 15.2 -Portfolio Diversification

In the second part of this session you will learn about the dynamic relavance of portfolio diversification depending on the time horizon; as well as to how to add this

Session 16.1 -Developing a Profitable and Consistent Trading Methodology

In this and the next sessions we lay down the foundations of what you, as any other professional trade must do: build your own trading methodology that reflects a diversity

Session 16.2 -Developing a Profitable and Consistent Trading Methodology

You will learn the three pillars you should NEVER forget when developing and executing your own trading methodology: think in pips and not in money; always consider percentages, specially when

Session 17.1 -Quantitative Robustness of Back Testing

In the second delivery on methodology builder we tackle the ongoing myths behind backtesting! In the first part of this session we cover the famous Van K. Tharp Approach, including

Session 17.2 -Quantitative Robustness of Back Testing

In this video we explain you the method of system evaluation, the "profitability rules", and the objectives of both position sizing and risk calibration. By the end of this session

Session 18.1 -Review of Some Popular Ways of Trading

In the last session of the Forex Academy´s Professional Trading Course, we review some of the most popular trading styles. In the first part we cover day trading, scalping and

Session 18.2 -Review of Some Popular Ways of Trading

In the last delivery of our PTC, you will learn about trending v ranging trading, position investment, and trading with technical indicators. Congratulations, if you have carefully watched all Forex