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Who was on forex right hand side in the show the walking dead?


Forex Right Hand Side, commonly known as “Forex,” was a character in the hit television series “The Walking Dead.” He was a member of the Saviors, a group led by the show’s main antagonist, Negan. Forex played an important role in the series, and his character was both complex and intriguing.

Forex was first introduced in season six, episode six, titled “Always Accountable.” He was one of three Saviors who encountered Daryl Dixon, Sasha Williams, and Abraham Ford while they were on a supply run. The encounter was tense, with Forex and his colleagues attempting to steal the group’s supplies. However, Daryl managed to escape with their truck, leaving Forex and the other Saviors stranded.


Forex reappeared in season seven, episode four, titled “Service,” where he was tasked with collecting supplies from Alexandria, the community where Rick Grimes and his group lived. The episode highlighted the power dynamic between Negan’s group and the Alexandrians, as Forex and his fellow Saviors stole supplies and intimidated the residents.

Throughout his appearances on the show, Forex was portrayed as a loyal follower of Negan. He carried out his leader’s orders without question and was willing to use violence to achieve his goals. However, there were hints that Forex was not entirely comfortable with the Saviors’ methods. In “Service,” he expressed sympathy for Rick’s group and seemed to admire their strength.

Forex’s most significant moment on the show came in season eight, episode six, titled “The King, the Widow, and Rick.” In this episode, Forex was captured by Rick’s group, who planned to use him as a bargaining chip in their war against Negan. However, after spending time with the Alexandrians, Forex began to question his loyalty to the Saviors.

During his captivity, Forex had conversations with both Michonne and Carl, two members of Rick’s group. These conversations showed a more human side to Forex’s character, revealing that he had a wife and child and that he was struggling with the morality of his actions. Forex ultimately decided to switch sides and help Rick’s group, leading them to a cache of guns that the Saviors had hidden.

Forex’s decision to switch sides was a significant moment for his character and the show as a whole. It highlighted the idea that even those who seem irredeemable can change and make amends for their past actions. It also showed the power of empathy and human connection, as Forex’s conversations with Michonne and Carl played a crucial role in his decision.

Overall, Forex Right Hand Side was a fascinating character in “The Walking Dead.” His loyalty to Negan and the Saviors, coupled with his internal struggles and eventual redemption, made him one of the show’s most complex characters. While his time on the show was relatively brief, Forex’s impact on the story and the other characters was significant.