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When pending order in forex what is sell stop?

In the world of Forex trading, pending orders are an essential tool for traders to effectively manage their positions. A pending order is a type of order that is placed by a trader in advance, to be executed automatically when certain market conditions are met. These orders can be placed at any time, even when the markets are closed, and can be used to enter or exit a trade.

There are several types of pending orders, including buy stop, sell stop, buy limit, and sell limit orders. In this article, we will focus on sell stop orders and explore their use in Forex trading.


A sell stop order is a type of pending order that is placed below the current market price. When the market price reaches the level of the sell stop order, it is executed, and the trader’s position is opened. The idea behind a sell stop order is that the trader is looking to sell at a price lower than the current market price, in the hope of profiting from a downward trend in the market.

For example, if the current market price of a currency pair is 1.2000, and the trader believes that the price is going to drop, they may place a sell stop order at 1.1950. If the market price reaches 1.1950, the sell stop order will be triggered, and the trader’s position will be opened at that price.

Sell stop orders are often used by traders who are looking to enter a short position in the market. Short selling is the practice of selling an asset that the trader does not own, with the intention of buying it back at a lower price in the future. Sell stop orders are an effective way for traders to enter a short position, as they allow the trader to sell at a lower price than the current market price.

Sell stop orders can also be used by traders to limit their losses. For example, if a trader has already entered a long position in the market, and the price starts to drop, they may place a sell stop order at a lower price to limit their losses. If the market price reaches the sell stop level, the order will be executed, and the trader will exit the position at that price.

One of the advantages of using sell stop orders is that they allow traders to automate their trading strategy. By placing a sell stop order at a specific price, the trader does not need to constantly monitor the market, waiting for the price to reach their desired level. Instead, the order will be executed automatically, allowing the trader to focus on other aspects of their trading strategy.

Another advantage of sell stop orders is that they can be used in conjunction with other types of orders to create a comprehensive trading strategy. For example, a trader may place a sell stop order to enter a short position, and a buy stop order to exit the position at a higher price. This type of strategy is known as a breakout strategy, as it aims to profit from a breakout in the market.

In conclusion, sell stop orders are a powerful tool for Forex traders, allowing them to enter short positions, limit their losses, and automate their trading strategy. By understanding how sell stop orders work, traders can develop effective trading strategies that can help them to profit from the dynamic and ever-changing Forex market.


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