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What happened to forex reddit?

Forex Reddit, also known as r/Forex, was a popular online community where traders and investors could share information, insights, and ideas about the foreign exchange market. However, in late 2020, the subreddit was suddenly shut down, leaving its members wondering what had happened.

The closure of Forex Reddit was the result of a series of events that began with the moderation team’s decision to ban a popular user, known as “BigDickDaddy3,” for posting inappropriate and offensive content. The user, who had a large following on the subreddit, had been warned multiple times about his behavior but had failed to comply with the rules.


However, the ban of BigDickDaddy3 sparked a backlash from his supporters, who accused the moderation team of censorship and bias. They began posting negative comments and messages, flooding the subreddit with spam and trolling. The situation escalated quickly, with both sides engaging in heated arguments and personal attacks.

The moderation team tried to restore order by banning the most disruptive users and deleting offending posts, but the situation continued to deteriorate. Some members even reported receiving threats and harassment from other users.

In the midst of this chaos, the moderators decided to shut down the subreddit temporarily to assess the situation and come up with a plan to restore order. However, when they tried to reopen the subreddit a few days later, they found that it had been permanently banned by Reddit’s administrators.

The reason for the ban was not immediately clear, but some members speculated that it was due to the subreddit’s association with BigDickDaddy3 and his controversial behavior. Others suggested that it was a result of Reddit’s crackdown on hate speech and harassment, which had led to the banning of several other subreddits in recent months.

Whatever the reason, the closure of Forex Reddit left many traders and investors without a reliable source of information and support. The subreddit had been a valuable resource for those looking to improve their trading skills, share their experiences, and connect with like-minded individuals.

Fortunately, there are other online communities and resources available for forex traders and investors. Some popular options include Forex Factory, BabyPips, and TradingView. These platforms offer a variety of tools, forums, and educational resources for traders of all levels.

In conclusion, the closure of Forex Reddit was a sad event for the forex trading community. It was a reminder of the importance of following rules, respecting others, and maintaining a positive and constructive environment online. However, it was also an opportunity for traders to explore new resources and communities and to continue learning and growing as investors.


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