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What happened to forex king?

Forex King was once a well-known investment program that promised high returns on investment through forex trading. The program was launched in 2016 and quickly gained popularity among investors who were attracted to its promises of high earnings. However, the program’s spectacular rise to fame was short-lived as it eventually collapsed, leaving many investors with significant losses.

Forex King operated as a HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) where investors would deposit their funds, and in return, the program would promise to generate high returns on their investment within a short period. The program claimed to have a team of expert forex traders who would invest in the forex market and generate profits for their investors.


Forex King promised investors a daily return of up to 2.5%, which was an incredibly high rate of return for any investment program, let alone a forex trading program. The program also promised to return investors’ principal investment after a set period, which was an enticing offer for investors who were willing to take a risk for high returns.

Many investors were lured into the program, and it quickly gained popularity, with many investors pouring in significant amounts of money. The program’s success was short-lived as complaints started pouring in from investors who were not receiving their promised returns. The program’s website was taken down, and the program went offline, leaving investors with significant losses.

The collapse of Forex King was not unexpected, as HYIPs are known to be risky investments with a high probability of failure. HYIPs are often run by scammers who will take investors’ money and disappear without a trace. The forex market is also notoriously volatile, with unpredictable swings that can wipe out investment gains in a matter of hours.

The collapse of Forex King was a classic example of a Ponzi scheme. The program promised high returns to attract more investors, and the initial investors were paid using the money from new investors. However, when the program’s popularity started to wane, and new investors stopped pouring in money, the program could not sustain itself, and it eventually collapsed.

Investors who lost money in Forex King are unlikely to recover their funds as HYIPs are unregulated, and there is no legal recourse for investors. The collapse of Forex King serves as a warning to investors to be cautious when investing in high yield investment programs. Investors should always do their due diligence and research any investment program before investing any money.

In conclusion, the collapse of Forex King serves as a reminder that high yield investment programs are high-risk investments that should be approached with caution. Investors should always do their due diligence and research any investment program before investing any money. The collapse of Forex King is a classic example of a Ponzi scheme and a cautionary tale for investors who are attracted to high returns without considering the risks involved.


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