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What app does shaun lee use forex?

Shaun Lee, also known as “The FX Technologist”, is a renowned forex trader and mentor with over 10 years of experience in the forex market. He has been featured on major news outlets such as CNBC, Bloomberg, and Forbes. Shaun Lee has developed a reputation for his unique approach to forex trading, which combines technical analysis with fundamental analysis.

One of the tools that Shaun Lee uses to trade forex is the TradingView app. TradingView is a web-based platform that provides real-time data and charting tools for traders. It can be accessed on desktop or mobile devices, making it easy for traders to keep track of the markets on-the-go.


TradingView offers a wide range of features that make it a popular choice among traders. One of these features is the ability to create custom indicators and trading strategies. This allows traders to develop their own unique approach to the markets, which can be tailored to their individual trading style and risk tolerance.

Another feature of TradingView that Shaun Lee finds useful is the social aspect of the platform. Traders can share their ideas and analysis with the community, and get feedback from other traders. This can help traders refine their trading strategies and improve their overall performance.

TradingView also offers a wide range of charting tools, including over 100 built-in indicators and a variety of drawing tools. This allows traders to analyze the markets in-depth and identify potential trading opportunities.

Shaun Lee also uses TradingView to keep track of news events and economic data releases. The platform provides a calendar of upcoming events, along with the expected impact on the markets. This allows traders to stay informed and make informed trading decisions.

Finally, TradingView offers a range of integration options with other trading platforms and services. This includes integration with popular brokers such as Oanda, as well as third-party trading tools such as TradingView’s own trading bot platform.

In conclusion, Shaun Lee uses the TradingView app to trade forex due to its wide range of features and tools, including the ability to create custom indicators and strategies, the social aspect of the platform, and the ability to analyze news events and economic data releases. TradingView is a popular choice among traders due to its versatility and ease of use, making it a valuable tool for both beginner and experienced traders alike.


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