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Wacky wizards how old are forex and jandel?

Wacky Wizards is a popular game on the online gaming platform Roblox, where players can mix potions and create spells to transform themselves and their environment in a magical world. The game has gained a massive following, with millions of players worldwide, who enjoy the unique gameplay and quirky characters.

One of the most notable characters in the game is the duo of Forex and Jandel, two eccentric wizards who assist players in their potion-making adventures. However, one question that often arises among players is how old these whimsical wizards are.


According to the lore of Wacky Wizards, Forex and Jandel are ancient beings with a long and mysterious history. While their exact age is not specified, it is hinted that they have been around for centuries and have witnessed significant events in the magical world.

Forex, in particular, is portrayed as the more experienced and knowledgeable of the two, often sharing his wisdom with players and guiding them through the process of potion-making. He has a distinct appearance, with a long white beard and a pointy hat, reminiscent of the classic portrayal of a wizard in popular culture.

Jandel, on the other hand, is depicted as the more playful and mischievous of the duo, often engaging in humorous antics and making witty remarks. He has a more youthful appearance, with a shorter beard and a more colorful outfit, which reflects his playful personality.

Despite their differences, Forex and Jandel work together seamlessly, complementing each other’s strengths and weaknesses. They are both crucial to the gameplay of Wacky Wizards, providing players with essential ingredients and guidance to create powerful potions and spells.

In terms of their age, it is safe to assume that Forex and Jandel are well over several hundred years old, given their extensive knowledge of potion-making and magic. However, their exact age remains a mystery, as the creators of the game have not provided any concrete information on the subject.

In conclusion, Forex and Jandel are two of the most beloved characters in Wacky Wizards, and their age remains a topic of interest among players. While their exact age is unknown, it is clear that they are ancient beings with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the magical world. Their unique personalities and dynamic make them a significant part of the game’s lore, adding to the overall charm and appeal of Wacky Wizards.


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