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HAS MTF Forex Robot Review

The HAS MTF Forex Robot is an automated trading solution for trading in the most popular markets, including all currency pairs, raw materials, indices, and precious metals. This robot has the ability to trade with eight different time frames at a time in foreign exchange transactions. The cost of the Forex HAS robot is 99 USD (currently reduced by 50%), and it works with trends as the primary strategy. HAS the Forex Robot Trader Group has developed a forex Robot.


HAS MTF Forex Robot is a program to automate Forex operations. It’s like putting an airplane on autopilot. Traders can sleep all night, knowing that their transactions are placed precisely at the times they designate. Sounds good?

The currency robot HAS Robot Forex is getting a lot of publicity. They claim to have reached 51,500 USD in November 2019. This is a very short period of time to make a proper valuation, as what is needed are more extended time spaces to see the product’s profitability.

HAS Robot Forex did not seem to us very reliable, as it claimed to have made significant profits but without providing a verified result from third parties exchange sites such as Myfxbook and Fxblue.

Forex robot production companies like HAS Robot Forex often rely on showing screenshots of very small temporary spaces, promising great results, when this practice is not very realistic in the long term.

Robot HAS Forex Strategy

During our review of HAS Robot Forex, we have seen that the seller provides an in-depth insight into the trading methodology. According to them, HAS Forex Robot works based on the softened indicator Heikin Ashin for technical analysis.

There are many options for traders who want to find ways to follow trends in commodities as well as foreign exchange and other instruments. The most reliable way would always be to follow the charts.


HAS Robot Forex does not provide any kind of result to back up your high profit claims that promise. One of the problems is that automated Forex robots are run on the basis of automated mathematical algorithms, without taking into account aspects such as changing market conditions, which vary for example with political issues, and other factors. The market inconsistency is very difficult to program into a robot, and therefore the results of most Forex robots are inconsistent.

Because trading operations are not regulated, the number of deceptions appears to be increasing. One of the areas in which this happens on a regular basis is with automated trading robots from Forex, so you have to be very selective with the choice of a robot and be able to find a consistent system and honest developers. Many of the systems make some pretty unrealistic claims, with promises of a successful commercial career, even when you’re asleep.