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Fidus Investments Review

Fidus Investments Cyprus (FIC), is a broker that has little information on its website and does not offer its customers the opportunity to have a demo account. Additionally, Fidus Investments Cyprus (FIC) ensures a wide range of investment services.

FIC is the trademark of Fidus Investments Cyprus Ltd. This company is authorized and regulated by the Exchange Commission (Cysec) and Cyprus Securities. The company has its headquarters in Nicosia, capital of Cyprus, and as we have mentioned has CYSEC regulation, with the license number 326/17 as of 05/12/2017, and company registration number 355918.

Cyprus has certainly become a popular destination for Forex brokers in recent years. Perhaps that is because the United Kingdom already has a date for leaving the European Union. Financial regulation in Cyprus requires compliance with numerous rules and standards. Cysec is the body that will monitor compliance with these standards.

EUR 730000 is the capital to be held by all investment firms wishing to establish themselves in Cyprus. This requirement serves to demonstrate the good financial situation of the company. In addition, brokers have to report all their transactions and have clients’ money in accounts segregated and separated from the operating funds of the company.

All brokers and financial companies regulated by Cysec are members of a clearing fund for client investors. This means an important guarantee for traders who have an account with a broker with this regulation. The amount insured if the broker goes bankrupt is a maximum of 20,000 euros. In addition, all brokers or investment companies regulated by Cysec also comply with the European Mifid. This gives companies the right to offer their financial services in the EU.


We have been researching the types of accounts that this broker may have, but we have not found any information about it. The website of Fidus Investments does not report this either. We think they will probably only offer one type of account, but this is just a supposition.


We have not been able to know what type of platform Fidus Investments uses to perform trades. It is a supposition to think that it is very possible to use the MT4 platform because having its own platform is very expensive for a broker. We have written an email to the broker to ask about this issue and have not received an answer yet.


Fidus Investments is a very opaque broker in terms of the information it offers. That is why we have not been able to find such basic information anywhere, including on the Fidus Investments website.


Trading with this broker can be much more expensive than the industry average. Fidus Investments have the following commissions for all their accounts. A full breakdown of the fee schedule is provided on the following PDF:


FIDUS INVESTMENTS offer multiple trading platforms and phone desk execution enabling investors to access all asset classes (FX, CFDs, ETFs, Stocks, Bonds, and Derivatives).


Fidus Investments is a very opaque broker in terms of the information it offers. That is why we have not been able to find such basic information anywhere, including on the Fidus Investments website.


Fidus Investments is a very opaque broker in terms of the information it offers. That is why we have not been able to find such basic information anywhere, including on the Fidus Investments website.


A negative aspect of Fidus Investments’ deposit policy is that it only accepts bank transfers. In this section, we miss at least the opportunity to make deposits with credit or debit cards and some electronic wallet. The banks we have available in the name of Fidus Investments to make the deposits are Bank of Cyprus, Eurobank Cyprus, and Societe Generale Bank Cyprus. On the broker’s website, the customer has all the information related to these accounts, IBAN number, Beneficiary, and Payment Details. A full breakdown of the bank details can be found on the following PDF:


Withdrawals from your account can only be made through bank transfer. The refund account must be the same as the account with which the first deposit was made. Commissions for cash withdrawals via bank transfer vary depending on the currency of the account.

Withdrawal Fees:

Transfer Currency – Withdrawal Amount – Withdrawal Fee

  • USD All Amounts 0.15 % min. USD 35 max. USD 350
  • EUR All Amounts 0.15 % min. EUR 25 max. EUR 250
  • GBP All Amounts 0.15 % min. GBP 23 max. GBP 230
  • CAD All Amounts 0.15 % min. CAD 40 max. CAD 400
  • CHF All Amounts 0.15 % min. CHF 35 max. CHF 350
  • DKK All Amounts 0.15 % min. DKK 250 max. DKK 2,500
  • NOK All Amounts 0.15 % min. NOK 250 max. NOK 2,500
  • SEK All Amounts 0.15 % min. SEK 250 max. SEK 2,500


The Broker does not report waiting times to receive our refunds. Experience tells us that normally, a withdrawal via bank transfer if all bank details are correct, ranges between 2-5 business days.


Fidus Investments does not currently have any bonus or promotion. Neither does it have an affiliation system or Introducing Broker.


Fidus Investments has no educational platform, no courses, or seminars. There are no basic elements for any trader such as news or economic calendar on their website.


We can contact Fidus Investments customer service through 2 channels: Email and phone. We have not had an answer to an email we have sent asking for some basic information for the realization of this review.

Their details are as follows:

  • 16 Kennedy Ave. 3rd Floor, 1087. Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Main Line: +357 22 502900
  • Trading Desk: +357 22 502999
  • Fax: +357 22 502 960
  • E-Mail: [email protected]


Fidus Investments does not have a demo account for its clients. We consider this a negative aspect. Having a demo account is important, especially for all those novice traders who need to simulate a real operation without taking risks and gain experience in different markets.


Citizens of the following countries will not be able to open an account with Fidus Investments: USA, Canada, Cuba, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria.


In spite of being a regulated broker in Europe and that could offer good services, we have found it difficult to know such basic aspects as the minimum deposit required, spread, leverage, and trade sizes. There are other negative aspects, they do not provide information about the platform they use, we have not been able to find out what types of account they have, and the absence of basic trading tools.

Another negative aspect is that they do not offer a Demo account, something we think is essential in any broker. The communication we have attempted has not been possible with Fidus Investments. Many reasons to think that this broker is not an option to consider if we want to open a trading account.