Forex Trading Platforms

Overview of the cTrader Forex Trading Platform

cTrader is a popular online trading platform that was developed by Spotware, it was released in 2010 and is a popular choice amongst online foreign exchange brokers. A trading platform is required in order for a trader to access the global markets and to actually make trades, cTrader is a well-known platform that currently hosts the trading activities of over one million traders worldwide.

As mentioned, cTrader was created by Spotware Systems and was released back in 2010. Since its release, it has had a continuous growth in popularity and a large number of updates with it currently sitting in its third (plus updates) version. The companies main focus was to develop a trading platform for both traders and brokers and to offer a high-quality product with continuous development.

cTrader gained its popularity based on its functionality, it provides the trader with a responsive platform that has a clean and clear layout while also providing a large number of tools for both trading and analysis. The software comes with over 60 pre-installed indicators to help with your analytical needs, it has also been shown to be one of the safest and most secure trading platforms available.

The Main Features of cTrader

Some of the main features of the cTrader platform include:

  • Complete range of market orders
  • Fast entry and execution and advanced order protection.
  • Variety of price charts.
  • Different time frames and zoom levels.
  • Over 70 pre-installed indicators and custom indicators for technical analysis.
  • Up to 50 templates, and sharing tools including embedding.
  • All-inclusive algorithmic for automated trading.
  • The ability for traders to build robots and indicators.
  • Trade copying with separate copying accounts for extended control of funds.
  • Web-based trading allowing accessibility from any device, any browser, or operating system including Mac OS.
  • Available on mobile devices with a fully functional trading platform that is not inferior to its desktop version.
  • FIX API trading allowing traders to communicate directly with cTrader Server in real-time.

How to Download and Install cTrader

It is very straight forward to download and comes in three different varieties.


The most popular version of the platform is the desktop version, this can be downloaded directly from the cTrader website, or any brokers that are supporting the platform will offer a direct download too. Simply download it from the broker and follow the installation instructions that come with it, the installation wizard will walk you through the steps.

Mobile App

There is a mobile app for both Android and iOS, these can be downloaded from the respective application store within the device you are using. Simply browse to the platform and hit the install button, you will need your login details from the broker that you have signed up with.


cTrader also comes with a web trader, you can access it from on the cTrader website, or many brokers that offer it will link to it directly from their site. This works with a y modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc) and allows you to trade without actually having to download anything.

The online trading market is a competitive one, wit the hugely popular MetaTrader 4 and 5 being the main competition, cTrader has done well to grow its popularity to the stage that it is at, which shows that the quality and features of the platform are high. If you do not like the MetaTrader platforms, then cTrader would be a great alternative.