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BuySell H4 Signals Indicator Review

Buysell H4 Signals is an indicator created in June 2018 by developer Andrey Almazov. The Buysell H4 Signals indicator shows possible market entry points with arrows. The arrows are not redrawn and are not repainted. The arrow appears immediately after a 4-hour candle is completed. The H4 Buysell signal indicator works only in the H4 time frame.

The indicator is calculated on the basis of levels and patterns of candles, and not the intersections of moving averages, allowing it to generate high-quality signals in the first stage of the price movement.

Up to 5 different types of arrows can be used. Each type is calculated based on different types of data. Also, different types of arrows can be used simultaneously.

They are as follows:

Psychological arrows: short- and medium-term levels, as well as candle patterns, are used in the calculation. The arrows show long pulse movements and possible correctional movements with the long-term trend.

Strong psychological arrows: medium- and long-term levels, as well as strong investment candle patterns, are used in the calculation. The arrows show the likely price extremes and trend reversals.

Oscillating arrows: medium and long term levels are used in the calculations, as well as inversion candle patterns. The arrows show the likely bounce of levels to the continuation of the current trend.

Trend arrows #1: medium-term levels and chandelier patterns are used in the calculation. The arrows can show both short-term and medium-term trends.

Trend arrows #2: medium-term levels and candle patterns are used in the calculation. The arrows can show the short, medium, and long-term trends.

The developer recommends trading with major currency pairs such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, etc.

Advantages of the BuySell H4 signal indicator:

  • High quality of signals
  • The signs are not redrawn
  • Can be tested in the strategy tester
  • easy to use
  • Alert settings are available
  • First-second sail signals almost always from one level, allowing for more efficient use of risk management

Characteristics of the BuySell H4 indicator:

  • Works only in the H4 time frame
  • Establishment of the indicator
  • The configuration is simple, you can adjust the display of any of the 5 types of arrows
  • It uses candelabra levels and patterns in its calculations, not moving stockings intersections

Indicator settings:

  • Psychological arrows: Showw1 = TRUE;
  • Strong psychological arrows: Showw2 = TRUE;
  • Oscillation arrows: Show_arrows3 = TRUE;
  • Trend arrows #1: Show_arrows4 = FALSE;
  • Trend arrows #2: Showuarrows5 = FALSE

You can configure notifications on signals as an alert, as an email message, or to the mobile terminal.

Additional settings are intuitive, and are as follows:

  • Notification are = TRUE;
  • Description = TRUE (in English);
  • Email on = FALSE (FALSE);
  • Push message = FALSE;
  • TRUE – enable notification; FALSE – disable

The indicator has been developed exclusively for the H4 time frame and must be used strictly on H4. However, the Show only on h4 TF parameter is available in the settings. By default, set to TRUE – display indicator only in H4 timeframe. If set to FALSE, the indicator will be drawn in all time frames. This is done so that traders do not experience any restrictions when using this indicator.

In short, we are talking about an indicator to trade in the medium and long term, because of the time frame used (H4). We have found ratings from users who have already tried the tool and in general, have appreciated it very positively, so this indicator can be a good candidate to combine it with other indicators and be able to diversify trading signals in search of the best result.

This indicator has a trial demo version and its selling price is 99 USD, you can find it in the MQL market. It is also available for rent at a price of 29 USD per month and 39 USD for 3 months.