Percentage of people who make money on forex?


Forex, or foreign exchange, is the largest financial market in the world. It is a decentralized market where currencies are traded 24 hours a day, five days a week. The forex market is known for its high volatility and potential for profit, but it is also known for its risks. Many people enter the forex market with the hopes of making money, but the question remains: what percentage of people actually make money on forex?

According to a study by the National Futures Association (NFA), only about 20% of forex traders actually make a profit. This means that the remaining 80% of traders lose money. This statistic may seem discouraging, but it is important to understand the reasons behind it.


One of the main reasons why so many traders lose money on forex is due to lack of knowledge and experience. Forex trading is not something that can be learned overnight. It takes time and effort to understand the market and develop a profitable trading strategy. Many traders enter the market without fully understanding the risks involved and end up making costly mistakes.

Another reason why many traders lose money on forex is due to emotional trading. The forex market can be highly emotional, and it is easy for traders to get caught up in their emotions and make impulsive trades. This can lead to losses and a lack of discipline in their trading strategy.

In addition, many traders fall victim to scams and fraudulent brokers. There are many unregulated brokers in the forex market who take advantage of inexperienced traders. They may offer unrealistic promises of high profits or manipulate the market to their advantage.

However, despite these challenges, there are still a significant number of traders who make money on forex. These traders have developed a profitable trading strategy and have a solid understanding of the market. They also have the discipline to stick to their strategy and avoid emotional trading.

One key to success in forex trading is having a solid understanding of technical analysis. Technical analysis involves using charts and indicators to identify market trends and make informed trading decisions. Traders who are able to effectively analyze the market and identify profitable trades are more likely to make money on forex.

Another factor that contributes to success in forex trading is risk management. Successful traders know how to manage their risks and limit their losses. They use stop-loss orders to automatically close out losing trades and avoid holding onto losing positions.

In conclusion, the percentage of people who make money on forex is relatively low, with only about 20% of traders making a profit. However, this statistic should not discourage traders from entering the market. With the right knowledge, experience, and discipline, it is possible to make money on forex. Traders who are able to effectively manage their risks, develop a profitable trading strategy, and avoid emotional trading are more likely to be successful in the long run.