Is Asia Forex Mentor Worth Your Investment? An Honest Review


If you’re interested in forex trading, you’ve probably come across Asia Forex Mentor. With so many forex educational programs available online, it can be challenging to determine which one is worth your investment. In this article, we will provide an honest review of Asia Forex Mentor, considering various aspects of their program.

Asia Forex Mentor is a forex educational platform founded by Ezekiel Chew, a renowned forex trader and coach. The platform offers a range of educational resources, including online courses, mentoring programs, and trading signals. The goal of Asia Forex Mentor is to help individuals become successful forex traders by providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills.


One of the key features of Asia Forex Mentor is its comprehensive online courses. These courses cover various aspects of forex trading, from the basics to advanced strategies. The courses are designed to be beginner-friendly, making them suitable for those who are new to forex trading. The content is well-structured and easy to understand, with clear explanations and examples provided.

What sets Asia Forex Mentor apart from other forex educational platforms is its focus on price action trading. Price action trading is a strategy that involves analyzing the price movement of a currency pair to make trading decisions. This approach is widely used by professional traders and is considered to be one of the most reliable methods for trading the forex market.

Asia Forex Mentor provides students with a solid foundation in price action trading. The courses teach students how to read and interpret price charts, identify key support and resistance levels, and use various price patterns to predict future price movements. This knowledge is essential for making informed trading decisions and can greatly improve your chances of success in the forex market.

In addition to the online courses, Asia Forex Mentor also offers mentoring programs. These programs provide students with one-on-one coaching and guidance from experienced forex traders. The mentors at Asia Forex Mentor have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the forex market, and they are dedicated to helping their students succeed.

The mentoring programs at Asia Forex Mentor are personalized and tailored to the individual needs of each student. The mentors work closely with their students, providing them with feedback on their trading strategies and helping them overcome any challenges they may face. This level of personalized support is invaluable, especially for those who are new to forex trading.

Another notable feature of Asia Forex Mentor is its trading signals service. The platform provides daily trading signals, which are generated based on the analysis of professional traders. These signals can be used by subscribers to make trading decisions, saving them time and effort in analyzing the market themselves.

While Asia Forex Mentor offers a range of valuable resources and support, it’s important to note that forex trading is inherently risky. No educational program can guarantee success in the forex market, and there is always a risk of losing money. It’s essential to approach forex trading with a realistic mindset and manage your risk effectively.

In conclusion, Asia Forex Mentor is a reputable and comprehensive forex educational platform. Their online courses, mentoring programs, and trading signals provide individuals with the knowledge and support they need to become successful forex traders. However, it’s important to remember that forex trading involves risk, and success ultimately depends on the individual’s skills, discipline, and ability to adapt to market conditions.